A good hairdresser...

... is better than a psychoanalyst

Think about your satisfaction when you get the perfect haircut and colour.

You know, when you look in the mirror and just feel happy with the result. That’s what a good hairdresser is for. That’s well-invested money.

My hairdresser in Rome is Katya Vulcano. I met her many years ago thanks to a friend of mine, then I left her for reasons of traffic and distance, which may be quite a problem in my city, and found her back after my 49th birthday, when I decided to leave everything and start all over again.

It was the best possible choice.

As I wrote in one of my first posts, it’s essential to see your beauty: a positive change always starts with the mind. “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” Coco Chanel

"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life"

Coco Chanel

A good hairdresser...

... is better than a psychoanalyst!

So, what’s essential to be a good hairdresser?

The first thing, according to Katia, is listening to the customer: there’s no real “must have” haircut. It’s important to find the one that fits the client and this requires some complicity. So first of all, put yourself in the customer’s shoes and help her to satisfy her needs and not just a passing fad.

Second: a good hairdresser knows how to cut the hair. This seems obvious, but it’s not at all. It’s fundamental to study, update, and invest in a continuous training. A good haircut that suits you can change everything from the inside to the outside: your appearance and your self-esteem.

“Listening and understanding the customer’s needs is fundamental.”

Katia Vulcano

Third point for Katia is the reliability in respecting the scheduled appointments: that’s the only way to dedicate each client the time she needs and offer the best service without a long wait.

Last (but not least): the products a good hairdresser uses.

Say no to the aggressive ones and yes to henna. Katia Vulcano has a natural solution for everyone. Even for blond hair, the henna base – alternate to the gloss – fortifies the hair and makes it brighter. In her opinion haircare is just as important as listening. Organic products and colouring without oxidation, paraben and sulphates lead to the best results.

Hair colour is essential for every woman. There must be nuances, highlights and dark shades. Forget the monochrome blonde with beaver effect, the highlights on short hair with turtle effect, the tar effect on dark hair and the grey hair, exception made for the very well-finished one as suggested by Glam 40, Michaela K. Bellisario’s blog for women over 40.

In short, having a good hairdresser is important, especially at our age.

And admit it: when you see a woman with a nice cut and colour, you notice and appreciate it. That’s why I have to thank Katia, for understanding what I wanted and how I wanted it.

And trust me, I’m not an easy one. ☺

Brava Katia!

And you, what kind of hairdresser are you looking for?

P.S. You can find Katya in Rome, here.

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