A home in the heart of Monti


After our beautiful penthouse in Rome, today Subura – literally “under the city” – the disreputable neighbourhood where plebeians lived a long time ago. Subura was mostly populated by prostitutes and criminals and the Patricians went there just in search of transgressions.

After a radical urban makeover in the Fascist era, nowadays Monti is characterized by the most important capital monuments (Colosseum, Imperial Fora, etc.) on one side and a popular soul on the other, with small tangled streets full of ivy and bougainvillea bushes.

Its charm lies in the artisans’ shops, wineries and ancient streets where you easily get lost. Like on the Borgia stairs, an old place of crime which leads directly to St. Peter in Chains Church.*

"Right here, in the Monti district, there’s a beautiful bright house"

Rione Monti - Rome

Right here, in the Monti district, there’s a beautiful bright house, which is something pretty rare in this maze of narrow streets and ancient buildings. This 180 square meters apartment is waiting for you in Via Cesare Balbo. And fortunately there’s the lift.

It’s a place full of light and all built on neutral colours. The floors are the original marble-chops ones from the 30s, in grey and yellow tones smartly divided between the living room, the huge kitchen and the bedrooms. Some refined bright wood beams where introduced where it wasn’t possible to complete the recovery process.

The huge kitchen is the real heart of the house. A modern and functional steel work area elegantly matches with the vintage table. The light coming from the large, cream-coloured windows is extremely warm.

The double living room is artfully organized thanks to the floors and sophisticated but minimal furnishings. Three double bedrooms and three bathrooms – exceptionally in bright colours – complete the apartment. One bedroom was decorated by a young Roman street artist.

It’s definitely a representative place.

Maybe one day this special apartment will become the refuge and pride of a new radical chic owner.

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Available for rent, too.
* Source: 1001 things to see in Rome at least once in a lifetime – Newton Compton Editori

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