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I bijoux di Aniello Galderisi

Aniello Galderisi’s bijoux

Tulle, pearl, raffia, chiffon, coral and metal: all different materials bound together by imagination and style.

Born on high fashion dresses, they complete them as a natural extension of their elegance. Here are the jewels by Aniello Galderisi, which accompany Italian couturier Camillo Bona’s collections.

"Today Aniello Galderisi accompanies Camillo Bona’s creations with his jewellery."

Made in Italy

Aniello Galderisi

Made in Italy

Aniello moves to Rome for work. He passionately attends The High Fashion Academy, where he meets Camillo Bona and begins to help him with tailoring and fashion shows management. One day, during a collection launch in the Caribbean, Aniello is walking along the beach at sunset. Suddenly, his eyes are caught by small mother-of-pearls and white corals, which are brought ashore by the tide and eroded by the sea in indefinite, fascinating shapes. He picks them up and brings them with him.

On his return to Rome, he tries to overlap corals to silk and chiffon, mixing leather, rope and stones. The obtained twists are then combined with Camillo’s clothes.

What a sublime result!

Today Aniello accompanies Camillo Bona’s creations with his jewellery.

Camillo defines the collection, draws the sketches, chooses fabrics and passes everything to Nello, who carefully examines colours, materials and lines to realize his bijoux.

Each dress comes with its own special piece of jewellery born to enhance its lines, brighten every colour and transmit all the incredible love of Aniello’s working hands.

That’s real art.

Bravo Aniello!

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