Ansedonia: a villa on the Maremma sea

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Leave Rome, heading Genoa. Leave the bustling Aurelia lanes, the cars coming and going, the sun reflection on the asphalt.

Turn right for Ansedonia and you’ll find yourself in one of the poshest Argenario’s buen retiros. On a waterfront promontory joining the long Feniglia beach with the maremma coast, in a place that has nothing to do with the ancient Tuscan villages, there’s a set of villas hidden by the Mediterranean scrub and hosting more or less famous people of the real “Great Beauty” kind.

Car noise is just a distant memory, overwhelmed by a melody of cicadas and waves crashing on the coast. We leave the promontory alleys, open a comfortable electric gate and enter the garden of an elegant, modern villa with a spectacular view on the whole Argentario.

We hold our breathe

"A beautiful roof garden in the Mediterranean scrub’s tones with an unforgettable view"

For Sale

Ansedonia: a villa on the Maremma sea

Ansedonia - Argentario

Here we’re welcomed by over 600 square meters of garden, with hand-cut Florentine cotto tiles, elegantly splitting the space between the house and its wonderful seafront swimming pool. On the back, there’s a shady grove which is part of the property.

We’re immediately struck by the villa’s roof, with its walkways and large planters: a beautiful roof garden in the Mediterranean scrub’s tones with an unforgettable view.

We leave the well-finished garden, the relaxation areas, the olive groves and bougainvilleas to enter the villa’s triple lounge with a stone fireplace. The 460 sq. m building consists of two floors. The same beautiful bright wood was used for both the flooring and modern stairs, separated by a glass wall. Every space is artfully styled, with fine finishes and carefully chosen furnitures.

There are 9 bedrooms, split between the two floors, 7 large bathrooms – one with hydromassage – and 1 eat-in kitchen. The double glazings are all made of wood.

Beautiful things are made of exceptional materials. Nothing good comes from the cheap ones.

We think that the next owner of this charming Ansedonia property will enjoy sun bathing and relaxing in this peaceful atmosphere during summer time and, out of the season, taking romantic walks and eating sea food spaghetti with a great view. From June to September it’s always better to stay at home.;)

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