The Art of Glass in Venice: Aventurina Design

Silvia Finiels Lamps

On the Venetian island of Murano, the home of Italian glass design, an elegant lady creates refined lamps, reusing period pieces from the most famous masters.

Her name is Silvia Finiels, and her glass creations are known by the name Aventurina Design.

We brought you the Italian design of Serena Fanara and her creations made in completely recyclable material. Today we are talking about unique pieces of sculpture, made with beautiful colors that reflect and play with light: Jewel tones such as aventurine, opaline, alexandrite, aquamarine, and ruby.

The Art of Glass: a story of fire and light in Murano

Silvia Finiels was born in Paris but has been living in Venice since 1987. She has always loved searching for beautiful things, such as ancient Venetian pearls, antiques, and glass. One day she discovered the glass work of artists and designers from the 1960’s and decided to rework them in order to give them a new form and life.

The glass production of great designers and masters in Murano from 1940 to 1980 is unparalleled in terms of color, material, and form: a true golden age!

“My lamps are unique pieces made with glass from the 1960’s.”

Silvia Finiels

The Art of Glass Made in Italy

A story of fire and light in Murano

Each lamp by Silvia Finiels is a masterpiece of glass design, a unique piece that respects the style and personality of artists such as Vistosi, Ferro, Barbini, and Cenedese.

Glass is a great material that brings together transparency and reflection when rays of light strike it. The special process of glass making which occurs at 2000 – 3000 degrees Fahrenheit, purifies the material and leaves only the essence, a true, authentic and always unique beauty.

This is how the lights of Aventurina Design are born, a story of light and fire! Their lamps are today in the most illustrious houses and collections in the world.

Beautiful work Silvia!!

Her Gallery is in Venice at San Polo, and her workshop is on the island of Murano. Check out her website or visit her in person!

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