Bags and accessories, Sicily of fury: A mo’ Fabbrikando

Made in Italy

Have you ever been to Sicily?

Naming it is enough to evoke colours, brocade fabrics, baroque palaces, ceremonious manners, blue skies and sunshine, elaborate and rich dishes, the art of fine living. Sicily is a land of opulence and fantasy or, in the words of Leonardo Sciascia: “The whole Sicily is a fantastic dimension. It’s impossible to live there without imagination“.

It’s precisely here that two women make bags and accessories with old materials and modern plastics. In the wake of their imagination.

Alessandra Bajardi and Monica Arrigoni create accessories since 2009, participating in events and exhibitions at Palermo’s sumptuous palaces.

An architect and an attorney, in love with art and their land, friends for life, start this adventure by chance: they meet in a semi-precious stones shop and there they decide to start working on their own, joining hands, heads and hearts. That’s how they gave life to their brand A mo’ Fabbrikando: A is for Alessandra, Mo’ is for Monica and Fabbrikando is for the Sanskrit word KAR, which means “do”. Something to do together.

"It’s precisely here that two women make bags and accessories with old materials and modern plastics"

A mo’ Fabbrikando

Bags and accessories A mo’ Fabbrikando

Design Made in Italy

Respecting the RECYCLING culture so dear to us and with a typical SICILIAN ATTITUDE, they take socks, shower curtains, old locks from antique furniture, giummi – the flat caps’ pendants– and small mirrors borrowed from the famous Sicilian coffe bags to create new objects, jewels, bags in bright colours and accessories with unpredictable and energetic combinations of tones and materials.

From the dome of Teatro Massimo, silent and imposing symbol of a city full of contrasts, anyone can fly with them, through the meanders of modern Sicilian imagination. Anything is possible if you want it bad enough.

Brave ragazze!

P.S. Waiting for Alessandra and Monica’s website you can contact them by email: and Their creations can be found in Milan at FIGUS DESIGNER

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