Barbara Guidi: the art of adorning the head

Made in Italy

A little while ago there were the DRESSMAKERS, skilled craftswomen able to shape and tailor female hats and other types of headgears. The most expert ones could modernize old models and make them “fashionable”. But those were different times…

And now? What to do if you want something special for a wedding or suddenly need to go to Ascot?

Now in Rome there’s BARBARA GUIDI, who makes – for the renowned Royal Ascot, too – headbands, knitwear accessories, brooches, clips, hats and anything else inspired by the world around her, her experience and feelings.

"Each piece is entirely hand made"

Barbara Guidi

Barbara Guidi

Made in Italy

BARBARA GUIDI has put years and years of almost obsessive work and research for materials into her small space in Via dei Gracchi 10: fabrics, feathers, stones, metals, tiny objects from antique markets, art, fashion and cinema studies.

This is where everything takes form, following the twists and turns of her thoughts, moods and inspirations, from the nearby streets to far away. According to Barbara things have their own soul and oddities.

Each piece is entirely hand made and looks for its IDEAL OWNER with the ambition to represent her in a consonant, romantic, shy, enigmatic, simple, brilliant, straightforward, cheerful, bold, transgressive and direct way. Each piece is born to fit a face and a role, a special event, a ceremony, a meeting or, in one word, a play.

I don’t know how much is left of her artistic studies, her bachelor degree in cinema history, her Sicilian homeland’s light and her Romagna’s origins fog. Maybe there’s something in the patience she has to combine mosaics from opposite ends and in her habit of manipulating any kind of material: little and big stones, metal wires and strings, feathers, silks, cotton and cashmere.

You can find her in the Via dei Gracchi shop, a space opened to meet everyone: the distract pedestrians as well as the curious ones, those in love and those in anger, the melancholic and bored ones, those who wait for the bus and those who still have half an hour before an important meeting. Let’s leave our hurry, boredom and thoughts out for the time needed to wear something playful, stylish and beautiful.

Brava Barbara!


Rome: via dei Gracchi 106, e-mail

Gallery: Barbara Guidi