Bea Bongiasca: Jewelry Made in Italy

Italian Design: Creativity, research and experimentation

Italian design has a solid base of research and experimentation.

The design of Made in Italy jewelry is not any different.

The young talents of Italian design find strength in their roots and, with a keen eye for design in other cultures, look to experiment in innovative ways using new and historic materials.

Bea Bongiasca is one of these young Italian talents. Born in Milan in 1990, she graduated in Jewelry Design from Central Saint Martins in London and is the creator of her own jewelry brand.

Her first collection “No Rice, No Life” experiments with the union between Asian and European cultures. She brings together symbols like Pearls, synonymous with well being and social status, and rice, an important resource of Asian cultures, to create a perfect bond.

“I strongly believe in Made in Italy: Throughout the world, our country is known for quality and competency. Producing in Italy adds value.”

Bea Bongiasca

Bea Bongiasca Jewelry Made in Italy

Italian Design: Creativity, research and experimentation

Her favourite material is gold and she uses it in varying thicknesses to create unique details. However, apart from metals and precious stones, Bea Bongiasca looks to incorporate other mediums into her jewelry. One example is coloured enamel, which she used in her latest collection, “You’re So Vine.

When creating, she loves the final phase of the artistic process, in which she can examine all the details and results of her research and work. She also likes to contribute her style to each step of the production process, and spends lots of time in the factory, in Pesaro.

Precision and attention to detail characterize her jewelry. Beautiful examples are the pieces found in the “Floricultural” line, inspired by the secret language of flowers, and the “Rice is Precious,” line. The latter plays with the symmetry of rice grains, adding in precious sapphires and diopsides, resulting in a contemporary and extremely feminine design.

His dream is to create a series of fun and unconventional franchise stores around the world and to see more and more people wear her jewelry.

And we wish you the best Bea!

Great Work!

You can find Bea Bongiasca Jewellery on her website.

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