Belsire: Shoes and Accessories Made in Italy

The Modern Italian Gentleman

What is style for a man?

Today with the Belsire brand we would like to outline the figure of the Modern Gentleman.

He is a man with a unique style, who knows how to choose his products and how to wear them, alternating between classic and contemporary. He doesn’t just have habits, but meaningful rituals. Most of all, he understands the values of Made in Italy, makes them his own and appreciates every detail.

Belsire shoes Made in Italy

The creators of the Belsire brand, Diego and Valerio D’Angelo, wanted to make their contribution to Made in Italy by adding a beautiful, comfortable product at an affordable price.

It’s not easy!

“The future of retail is omnichannel- it’s the perfect combination between physical and online!”

Valerio and Diego D’Angelo

Belsire: Shoes and Accessories Made in Italy

The Modern Italian Gentleman

How are Belsire shoes and accessories brought to life?

Diego takes care of the stylistic part. He designs each model, and with the help of a pattern maker, defines the details of fit and shape.

The D’Angelo brothers are very attentive to the production of their products. For shoes, they start with the highest quality of leather, (Italian and French calfskin) and finish with the creation of the perfect sole. Together with their phenomenal craftsman, they have researched and adapted styles and methodologies that make shoes flexible, such as the cork sole or latex insole.

A shoe does not lie

If the quality of the leather and the shape are exceptional, it is comfortable from the first day you wear it!

Italy has a great future and we must help our artisans to adapt to changing times and reach the high-spending target markets worldwide.

The future is online, the road is correct communication.

What can we say about the D’Angelo brothers?


You can find Belsire shoes and accessories in Milano, Corso Venezia 29, and on the website!

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