Brass and chromed brass lamps

Tailor made lamps and lampshades

We previously talked with architect Claudia Sigismondi about lighting and its importance in our homes.

There’s a craftswoman in Rome who turned her passion for lightning into a job or better an art. Her name is Giorgia Montemarano and she produces brass lamps and lampshades along with her husband, Stefano: they called them GI lamps.

Giorgia and – even more – Stefano followed a family tradition. Stefano’s father opened a workshop in central Rome and is still working. Both these guys know what they’re doing: they were practically born doing it!

Someone says that their lamps are classic, someone else that they’re pretty modern or classic with a modern look. What is certain is that they’re beautiful, solid and elegant.

"Tailor made lamps and lampshades"

GI Lamps

Brass and chromed brass lamps

GI Lamps

Brass is a versatile material: it looks classic when it’s unrefined, but it immediately assumes a modern line and definition when it’s chromed.

Giorgia and Stefano accompany their customers in their choices, visit their homes, and study each setting to find the perfect lights. In addition to their hands and tools, GI lamps founders use love and passion as essential ingredients to obtain a quality work.

They also restructure and modify used lamps or chandeliers and turn completely different objects into lamps.

Bravi Giorgia e Stefano!

P.S. You can find them in Rome, in Viale XXI Aprile 6 D, on their FB page page or calling + 39 333 380 0370. Otherwise, you can contact me at

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