Camillo Bona

High Fashion brand

Do you know that a High Fashion dress DESIGNED for you, SEWED on you, with the FABRIC you want, the COLOUR that suits you better and that ONLY YOU WILL POSSESS costs much less than a renowned industrial luxury brand cloth every woman may wear, even the one sitting next to your table? Do you know that High Fashion is not just for brides, witnesses or eighteen years old debutants at their ball?

There are great tailors who make clothes to wear everyday, obviously depending on your ability to match them; once you put them on, they belong to you forever.

There are great tailors like CAMILLO BONA, who’s so clearly genial in his creative way to transform everyday life into a fashion show.

Camillo Bona’s WOMAN is classy, with an innate elegance coming from her self-awareness and culture. She knows how to be extremely feminine even when she wears just a pair of trousers and a shirt.

"The precious imperfection of a tailored suit"

Camillo Bona Hight Fashion

Camillo Bona Hight Fashion

No matter what size you are: he makes you look like a queen.

A voluptuous simplicity, fluid textures and the exaltation of female figure are the trademarks of Camillo’s work, which overwhelming shows his artistic culture. Wearing his creations is like turning into a Botticelli’s Venus or a Tamara de Lempicka’s traveller. No matter what size you are: he makes you look like a queen.

… and then there are his EVENING DRESSES: lavish models made of triple or quadruple textures, black or coloured, embroidered, in silk or linen, perfect to wear for a very special evening or in summer time, with sandals or a colourful scarf.

… and then there are his WEDDING DRESSES, which you’ll wear once and then keep for your daughter or granddaughter. Wonderful models that will relive those special moments with you every time you’ll open the closet or leaf through your photo books.

Stroke the precious fabric, listen to the sound of cloth opening at every step, look at your reflection in the mirror and feel beautiful. These feelings will accompany your choice.


Bravo Camillo!

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