Cangiari Ethical High Fashion

Ethics that Work

Cangiari is the most important Italian ethical high fashion brand.

Cangiari meansto change” in the Calabrian dialect, and after the caps of Coppola Storta, I want to share with you the beautiful story of another ethical brand Made in Italy, because Italian fashion is not only about tradition but also about change!

Calabria is a stunning region of southern Italy with a strong and welcoming people, but it is also a land torn by serious social and economic problems.

Several years ago, a group of social cooperatives founded GOEL, a business community that began to change Calabria by challenging the mafia forces that operate there, the ‘ndrangheta and the deviant masons.

The ‘ndrangheta flourishes under the radar and GOEL manages to prevent its escalation with the support of a media network and through strong community building efforts, both of which demonstrate that there is a legitimate alternative to mafia culture.

“Ethics is the answer: the workers, producers and consumers all win!”

Vincenzo Linarello President of GOEL

Cangiari Ethical High Fashion

High fashion saves the antique art of weaving

Until fifty years ago many Calabrian families owned a hand loom at home and produced their own fabrics, but the tradition was slowly being forgotten and sinking into oblivion. A group of young Calabrian women turned to GOEL to save the ancient tradition of hand weaving.

Historically, the queens of the loom were the “majistre” old mythical figures, hand-loom teachers who handed down the fabric designs to be woven through lullaby from generation to generation.

With the support of GOEL, these young women have saved the great heritage of Greek and Byzantine fabrics and created the first Italian high fashion ethical brand: Cangiari.

“Calabrian women save the ancient and meaningful art of hand weaving!”

Vincenzo Linarello

Today Cangiari is a 100% ethical initiative: from the G.O.T.S. (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified materials, cooperative production chain which facilitate the active participation of the workers themselves to the brands mission and message based on GOEL’s values of environmental and social sustainability.

Their fine garments grace the catwalks of the most important fashion week events in the world and are featured in the finest boutiques.

Wearing a Cangiari garment does not only means choosing to support Made in Italy. It also means being part of a change.

You can shop the Cangiari collection in their online store!

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