Castronuovo Jewels Made in Italy

Italian Jewelry that Inspires

Close your eyes and imagine an elegant Italian jewel. How do you picture it? White gold, diamonds, emeralds or beautiful sapphires?

It’s always thrilling to discover jewelry Made in Italy.

After the symbolism of Opposite Jewels, we bring to you a jeweler that has been thrilling its customers with handmade works of art according to the ancient Neapolitan tradition since 1969: Castronuovo Jewels Made in Italy!

It all started in the famous Borgo Orefici ( the goldsmithing neighborhood of Naples), where sixteen year old Armando Castronuovo began to learn the art of jewelry making, and to refine his skills at the jewelers workbench.

His unique jewels capture your attention at first glance, exhibiting the passion and love that he puts into every piece, as well as the mastery of craft gained by over fifty years of experience.

Today the small artisan shop has grown, and Armando Castronuovo has managed to pass on his love of this special art form to his sons Carmen and Alfonso. Together with their father, they steer Neapolitan goldsmithing towards a new dimension as well as new foreign markets.

“When creating a piece of jewelry, our goal is to imagine the joy in the eyes of the wearer!”

Carmen and Alfonso Castronuovo

Castronuovo Jewels Made in Italy

Goldsmith Artisans, Creators of Emotions since 1969

The two brothers Carmen and Alfonso design their own pieces or bring to life customers unique commissions. They begin with a picture or a drawing and for optimal outcomes, Castronovo Jewels Made in Italy also works with CAD designers who make 3D models.

Alfonso, in particular, is dedicated to the production of jewelry: He is the production manager while Carmen takes care of the sales sector, relations with suppliers and the careful selection of stones to be mounted in the pieces in the process.

Castronuovo uses white gold and diamonds, and they adore classic style lines while leaving space for creativity and imagination. There is not a piece in particular that marks their style, which instead is characterized by their craftsmanship and handmade details.


You can daydream about their jewelry by checking out their website or Instagram profile.

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