Crea Si- The Value of Made in Italy

From Third-Party Fashion to the Creation of the Opi[MO] Brand

Today we are visiting the manufacturing district of Carpi with Gloria Trevisani, founder of Crea Si and the OPI [MO] Made in Italy clothing line. Carpi is a small town near Modena, in the Emilia Romagna region, and is known as one of the most important areas in Italy for knitwear and clothing production.

Crea Si has been collaborating with designers for 25 years. They specialize in developing patterns and manufacturing prototypes and cover all aspects of the supply chain from cutting, to grading patterns, to finalizing the finished samples.

Gloria Trevisani is at the helm of Crea Si

Gloria Trevisani is at the helm. Curious, brave, and a dreamer, she has never stopped. She has been working since the age of 14, always building upon her experience, and learning as much as possible from every opportunity.

Cultivating competence and well-being is good for everyone, and Gloria Trevisani has always focused on her team, training and taking care of the people who work with her. Professionals such as pattern makers and sample makers have skillsets fundamental to Made in Italy, that must be preserved and passed on to new generations.

“I wanted to create my own line, that reflected the values of my company and Made in Italy.”

Gloria Trevisani

Crea Si - The Value of Made in Italy

From Third-Party Fashion to the Creation of the Opi[MO] Brand

After 25 years in fashion, working for the most prestigious international brands, Gloria Trevisani designed and created her own OPI [MO] clothing line, Opificio Modenese. Opificio in Italian means factory and is a tribute to the place where materials are transformed, and Modenese stands for Modena, a homage to her homeland.

And so…. what would a woman with Gloria’s expertise want in her closet?

Well made clothing– with excellent materials, a great fit, and that make her feel unique!

OPI[MO] timeless elegance

That is how OPI[MO] was born, not so much a brand but rather a synthesis of know-how, of timeless elegance, and the ability to impress season after season without ever tiring.

Gloria Trevisani dedicates her collection to all women, who like her, always want to be in tune with the place they live, with what they do, and of course, with what they wear.

We will hear about OPI[MO], …

Great job Gloria!

You can find Crea Si and Gloria on the website. To take a look at the collections of OPI [MO] on the website here.

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