The Italian Design of Davide Montanaro

The Scales Collection, hand-molded lamps Made in Italy!

Italian design is a great resource for our country and Made in Italy starts from design

We brought you the Italian design of Serena Fanara and her creations made in completely recyclable material, as well as the Italian design of Jokfil and their beautiful bicycles.

Today we are talking about design with the industrial designer Davide Montanaro and introducing you to his beautiful Scales Collection of lamps Made in Italy.

Always fascinated by technology and geometry, Davide Montanaro never stops studying and doing research. He is always looking for new ways to experiment with materials and technological developments in his Made in Italy creations.

Davide Montanaro believed in his project, took a chance and started his own production.

“I have always continued to study and experiment with new solutions and new developments between materials and technology.”

Davide Montanaro

The Italian Design of Davide Montanaro

The Scales Collection, hand-molded lamps Made in Italy!

The Scales Lamps Collection is made of small reflecting surfaces like the scales of fish. It was born after close to 2 years of tests and trials in the search for the right material, at the correct thickness and with the most interesting final shapes.

The uniqueness of Davide Montanaro’s Scales project lies in the fusion of two completely opposite techniques into a single Italian design object: Each lamp is made using industrial chemical photo-engraving techniques as well as the artisanal process of manually molding it into its final shape.

In this way, Davide Montanaro managed to move from a standardized industrial process to a more personal, customizable production: from series to detail!

Each Scales Lamp is chemically cut from a slab of 60 cm x 60 cm sheet of steel with a thickness of 2 tenths of a millimeter. Because it is shaped by hand, each lamp has a different final shape, and the unique shadows it makes on the wall are a very interesting component.

What can we say! Amazing work!

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