Dienne’s transformable sofa: the Italian sofa bed

by Dienne Salotti

Decorating doesn’t consists of making set designs or taking beautiful pictures for magazines; it’s rather about improving out life quality, feeding our soul with beauty. (Albert Hadley)

Yesterday we talk how to add style to your home. Today I want to feed your soul with an Italian stylish sofa bed, made by a company which is focused on its customers’ life quality but always with an eye for design and new technologies.

The italian sofa bed – the real transformable sofa Made in Italy

Let me introduce you to Coupé, the transformable sofa by Dienne Salotti. It’s a pure expression of innovation, style and elegance. A comfortable sofa that quickly turns into a useful bunk bed.

Don’t be deceived by the linear and sober design, the soft fabrics, the neutral colours, the voluptuous and cozy seating. Its best quality comes from its structure. Equipped with an easy and simple opening mechanism, it almost automatically becomes a sturdy bunk bed with elegant trims.

"The Coupé sofa couch is perfect for second homes, holiday homes or hotels"

Dienne Salotti

Coupé transformable sofa - The italian sofa bed

Made in Italy

The quality of wood coming from controlled deforestation areas, to preserve our forest heritage; the padding is designed and positioned to provide maximum comfort to the back and joints. A specific anti-slip system created to ensure stability to the seat cushion.

The sofa bed couch is perfect for second homes, holiday homes or hotels. It’s a great solution to transform a small room into a cozy guest room or accommodate a family into a studio.

The opening mechanisms – a key element in any sofa bed – are super-technological and innovative to let it turns into a comfortable bed with a simple gesture. The quality of its beautiful, practical, natural and washable fabrics, which may be simply removed.

If you want to try it, go and visit F.lli Grilli store, in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II 127/128, Rome. They ship everywhere throughout Italy. For further information, call +39064467199 / +39064467188 or write to info@grilli.it. If you whant to discover Dienne Salotti visit the website.

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