Diletta Cancellato: Feel warm and comfortable with style

Made in Italy

The weight and lightness of knitting

Let’s go back to the ‘50s, picturing a tailor’s shop. There are fabrics everywhere: rolled up on the shelves, bent on the worktable, pinned on the mannequin with clear basting. The tailor stands out in a central position. Surrounded by his apprentices, he directs, designs, measures, sews, cuts, creates and transmits the art of making quality products.

Diletta Cancellato was lucky enough to grow up with a tailor as a grandfather. After graduating in Fashion Design at the Politecnico di Milano and getting a Master Degree in Fine Art at the Parson School for Design di New York, now she experiments with weight and lightness in knitwear, mixing volumes and creating innovative silhouettes, always with quality materials.

"Diletta Cancellato: The weight and lightness of knitting"

Fashion Design

Diletta Cancellato

After graduating in Fashion Design

Voluminous bell sleeves give theatrical dimensions to each model. The classic British coasts alternated to plain knit reduce and add volumes. Light transparencies and covering knitwear harmonize with body movements. Diletta believes in beauty, painting our lives in shades of pink.

Brava Diletta!


P.S. Her first collection hasn’t been produced yet, but you can write her if you are interested in her work.

Gallery: Diletta Cancellato