Double B

Seeing is believing..

What is our biggest fear? Ageing.

How can we slow the process down?

As a girl I had spotty greasy skin. Luckily, I found a good doctor who opened up a whole new world to me. I learned that there are two important factors in skin protection:

1 CREAMS specific for our needs

I have always looked for creams I feel comfortable with. Firstly for my spots and greasy skin and then for the onset of the first wrinkles.

Today I can say without a doubt, above all to my generation of women, to all my friends, that (as a start) we must READ carefully what we are putting on our faces and bodies. We must READ the INCI, i.e. the information leaflet and the ingredients in the creams.

Thanks to SARA ABBATE (with a double B) founder of the brand DOUBLE B I’ve learned that, if we’re not careful, we could be putting dangerous chemical agents and petrolatum on our skin that are good only for the manufacturers.

"DOUBLE B is the result of her energy: completely organic creams, made with natural ingredients"


Double B

Sara Abbate

Here’s her story.

A few years ago, SARA decided to examine her tube of face cream – a famous brand, purchased at the chemist’s, recommended by the dermatologist – and began to search for each individual ingredient on Google.

The more she read, the worse it got: they were all chemical components. At best, they were only bad for either the environment or her skin; at worst they were harmful to both. Sara wanted to have flawless skin, but she was no longer willing to accept chemical ingredients, endanger her health or that of the planet! She wanted a cream suited to her skin, with the right consistency and with her favourite fragrance.

Determined and brave, SARA found a cosmetic chemical laboratory that was willing to produce her formulas and supervised the entire process: selection of the raw materials, packaging graphics, creation of the website and social media strategy. A huge effort, but in the end incredibly rewarding.

DOUBLE B is the result of her energy: completely organic creams, made with natural ingredients, that restore compactness, moisturization, and. health and are not harmful for the environment!

Seeing is believing..
Well done Sara!

P.S. You can find her products on line HERE and they are amazingly inexpensive! The anti-wrinkle serum is a must (no doubt about it)! – Facebook