Eclepti: the tie you’ve never seen

Made in Italy

“To be a gentleman is crucial to feel comfortable in your own skin”. That’s what Colin Firth said to his apprentice in the movie Kingsman – the Secret Service. We wrote it before and we’ll never stop repeating it: to look elegant you need to feel comfortable with what you wear. First rule: if you don’t feel ok, people will notice it!

So, what can you do if you don’t like wearing ties or if you have never learned to knot them?

Two thirty-something guys, starting from the assumption that they don’t like ties, bravely challenged the famous silk model and invented T by ECLEPTI, a new groundbreaking idea brought to KICKSTARTER.

GIULIO SBARIGIA and NICCOLÒ CAPPON, two roman gentlemen in their thirties, know each other since they were kids even though they followed different life paths. Giulio became an industrial designer (just to be clear: the one who designs products for the industry field, from shoes to coffee machines). Niccolò chose Economics and worked in several countries in the world.

They are definitely two outsiders who don’t go with the flow. And since they don’t like wearing ties, they decided to create a new concept of accessory: funny, easy to wear, modular, lightweight, customizable and comfortable.

"T by Eclepti is made up of two interchangeable pieces"

Eclepti the tie

Eclepti: the tie

Fabrics are 100% Italian

T by Eclepti is made up of two interchangeable pieces. The CLAMP has a slot that allows you to attach it to the shirt button on a stable and secure way; then, thanks to two central magnets, the DANGLE can be easily put on the clamp and released. Each model is double-face, so you can change your look in a snap of a finger.

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T by Eclepti is protected by several international patents in the industrial inventions field, both for its innovative clamp mechanism and design. Giulio and Niccolò financed their first collection thanks to the big crowdfunding portal Kickstarter. Now it is available for sale on this WEBSITE and in selected boutiques. There’s no doubt that these Roman guys show some spirit of enterprise.

FABRICS are 100% Italian, as the finished product: corduroy, cool wool, denim and even cork. Since they want to be innovate with materials, they’re always looking for something new and unusual in the clothing field.

“Be yourself and express your personality” is the mantra you can read on their website. With this successful experience, they surely represent a GREAT EXAMPLE for anyone hiding behind the rules without even trying to change them.


Bravi ragazzi!

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