Elena Berton, Handbags and Couture Made in Italy

Elegance and Quality, and Sophisticated Italian Style

Elena Berton is an entrepreneur, designer, and researcher of the real Made in Italy.

Handbags, couture, and accessories make up a world of infinite sophistication that isn’t necessarily for everyone, but for those individuals who really understand the immense value of Italian design and craftsmanship.

Elena Berton studied history, and production and learned the many ancient techniques of Italian craftsmanship. After working as a stylist in Italy, she moved to Munich with her Austrian husband and worked in sales for Italian luxury brands.

Woven handbags

In this period, she discovered a convent in Veneto, where the nuns wove special fabrics for Bottega Veneta. Inspired by their work, she became passionate about woven handbags and began to research and develop her first pieces with them while continuing her work as a stylist. Eventually, a German publisher saw her pieces, and understanding the research that went into them, commissioned a book.

The invisible hands of Made in Italy

In 2016, her book, Le Mani Invisibili (Invisible Hands) was published. It is a wonderful and detailed edition that tells the story of several great master craftsmen from northern Italy, people who love and live by their craft. The invisible hands of Made in Italy: people who love and truly understand their craft, and can make a living from their work.

After the publication of her book, Elena Berton devoted herself solely to her design work. Always focusing on fine materials and outstanding workmanship, she began experimenting with fibers such as silk and cashmere. The final total look was born, and the second Elena Berton shop was opened in Pietrasanta, in Tuscany.

“Real luxury is having a bag made for you, by the skilled hands of an Italian artisan!”

Elena Berton

Elena Berton, Handbags and Couture Made in Italy

Elegance and Quality, and Sophisticated Italian Style

We’re not talking about big numbers: she produces a maximum of nine pieces per series. Elena Berton’s bags bring us back to the precious concept of bespoke, or made by hand for a particular person. She prefers a direct relationship with the customer, gradually gaining their trust while explaining the quality of her pieces.

Everything is soft and pleasant to the touch

All of her products have a spirit: everything is not only unique but visually pleasing, soft and pleasant to the touch. In order to buy something that has these qualities, you must be able to recognize them. For this reason, her products are not for everyone. These days we have lost the perception of what true luxury is, and many people unfortunately no longer see the difference – in quality, craftsmanship, or meaning behind a product.

It takes 5 days, 160 m of leather banding, 16 hours of hand weaving, dyeing with natural pigment, and a total of 14 different manual steps to produce one bag. Each piece bears the invisible signature of the craftsman who created it, and it is extremely important to compensate the artisan who produces it with a real and fair wage.

Consume less

Her message is to consume less and create less waste by buying fewer items and most importantly buying quality items. If you buy in this way, your clothes will last a lifetime.

Great work Elena Berton, and a meaningful message on which we should all reflect!/p>

You can find Elena Berton in Germany, Olgastraße 17, Munich. In Italy on Pietrasanta shop, Via Barsanti 50/A, on her website and in the beautiful book “Le Mani Invisibili“.

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