Elena Lera, bags and jewellery

Made in Italy

“Inspiration comes forth only if it’s tied up to the quality of raw material.”

This is a quote by Elena Lera founder of BT Elena Lera, a handbag, and jewelry Made in Italy brand born in San Lorenzo, a cultural hub of the Capital.

Elena Lera designs every day and every piece she creates tells something about her passions: her inspiration and love for art and music are used to express the feminine need to have all the daily necessary stuff into one bag.

There are those who go out in the morning and come back late at night, those who must be hands-free, those who need to transform their bag for any occasion. Elena Lera’s models are versatile and always suitable: you can wear them for a business meeting or a bike ride, on the dance floor or in the backyard.

"The result is a 100% Italian manufacture, from A to Z."

Elena Lera

Everything starts with quality

BT Elena Lera

It’s a very simple project: everything starts with quality. Beautiful things are made with exceptional materials; nothing amazing comes out of a poor basis.

Elena Lera chooses tanned natural leather and pure linen and cotton for inner liners. She follows her instinct, driven by the scent and pleasure each fabric emanates. The result is a 100% Italian manufacture, from A to Z.

Colors are picked among her beloved ones, two at a time: one for the tanned natural leather and another one for the inner liner, always in perfect harmony.

Because harmony and music are fundamental. We are women, after all.

You can choose among many models: the POCKET, the BACKPACK BAG (which is not a backpack), the SADDLE and the FOLDER, the CASE, the BAG and the newest WALLETS for men and women, soon available on the website and already available on the FB page and in the San Lorenzo showroom. In addition to the leather bags, there are linen and cotton models for spring/summer time and others in waterproof fabric for autumn and winter: tailor-made creations produced with great attention to detail.

Styles are simple, linear, elegant since the creativity is mostly expressed by colors.

An essential detail is an elastic ribbon, which works as a metaphor of life: not only it makes each model light, but it also comes away and can be easily repositioned on the side, on the shoulder, as a shoulder strap or as a backpack leaving you hands- free for the occasion. You can also change it to give a different style to the bag.

Zippers, eyelets, hooks, seams. Everything expresses quality. And this quality talks.

Brava Elena!

P.S. This brand has a brilliant way to communicate through videos and gifs. Have a look at the FB page and Instagram account.

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