Essere Scarves - The Elegance of being Made in Italy

Feminine Accessories accentuated with Italian Style

I love scarves. I consider them the most elegant accessory that a woman can wear.

Going around Italy and discovering Made in Italy scarves is a personal mission.

We’ve talked about Anastasia Buchinskaya and her beautiful Teffy scarves in Milan. Today we tell you the story of three young entrepreneurs from Sardinia: Evira del Monaco, Sara Pitozoi and Fabio Columbano. Their brand is called Essere, and they create marvellous and innovative scarves inspired by Italian traditions.

Essere scarves came into being almost by chance: One winter evening, two friends, a glass of wine and a strong motivation to create! As always, when two people bring together their diverse backgrounds, training and ideas, incredible things can happen!

It is important to be driven, to take a risk, and to build something with style and uniqueness: in short to embody the principles of Made in Italy.

Elvira, Sara and Fabio do all this and more with their passion, sense of style, and one of a kind designs.

"Our logo is an ex-voto, which represents the passion we have for what we do."

Elvira del Monaco, Sara Pitzoi e Fabio Columbano

Essere Scarves - The Elegance of being Made in Italy

Three young entrepreneurs from Sardinia

Essere scarves are based on the idea of using elements of Italian tradition, and reinterpreting them in a modern way.

The designs of the first EssereStyle collection of scarves were inspired by regional Italian playing cards, mosaic floor tiles of Pompeian villas, and Sardinian tapestries, which were then reworked with a contemporary eye.

Even the production is strictly Italian: from the silk produced and packaged in Italy to the artisanal touch of hand sewn hems, that lends each piece a special uniqueness.

In addition to EssereStyle scarves, the three founders have many new ideas in mind: from men’s items such as bow ties and wallets to bracelets and jewellery characterized by their design motifs. But, being a startup, one step at a time.


You can find the scarves of Essere on the website.

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