Everything you wanted to know about cellulite and...

The Cynical Guide to Cellulite

Everything you wanted to know about cellulite but you never dared to ask

Do you want to be the most feared girls in the beach?

Do you want to know the difference between water retention, skin relaxation and orange peel skin?

Do you want to finally understand what is good and bad for you? It doesn’t matter if your mum and aunt have exactly the same problem: we are in 2017 and NOW the REMEDIES are real.

READY? Here’s a pocket size (or kindle format), ironic and disenchanted manual focused on the fearsome protagonist of any female magazine from May to August (plus tons of urban legends): CELLULITE.

Yes, you heard right! THE CYNICAL GUIDE TO CELLULITE (Mondadori) works as a first aid for those who – like me – completely failed to understand the problems linked to cellulite: its causes, myths and remedies, of course. All the secrets no one ever told you, combined in a single book. You’ll learn how to use self-evaluation tests and find the most effective solutions.

"THE CYNICAL BEAUTICIAN, aka Cristina Fogazzi, is the most feared beautician of the web"

Cristina Fogazzi

The cynical guide to cellulite

Cristina Fogazzi

THE CYNICAL BEAUTICIAN, aka Cristina Fogazzi, is the most feared beautician of the web.

She offers cynical and exhilarating advices spread through her Instagram and FB profiles from her beauty saloon – of course, she’s a serious professional – and home in Milan.

But it’s not just that. Cristina is an entrepreneur and Internet sensation, with a cosmetic and sun care line for sale through her website and Oviesse stores. She was also included in the Ninja Marketing list of the ten best small companies, for her extraordinary use of Instagram, along with Melidé the embroidered T-shirts brand we presented a few months ago.

"Her book is for sale on Amazon"

Cristina Fogazzi

The Cynical Guide to Cellulite was written with an aesthetic surgeon, Enrico Motta and a great illustrator, Enrica Mannari, whose style is sarcastic and irreverent as much as Cristina’s one. It’ s definitely a funny and smart reading.

But it’s not just that.

It really helps you to recognize, measure and treat any cellulite problem.
Cinica and I – as a reader – guarantee you that by the end of the book you’ll be able to:

  • Discover if your beach neighbour has cellulite (and let her know)
  • Recognizing a stasis edema (here I fainted)
  • Check your arch support (this is a gem)
  • Prevent or treat your cellulite (start limiting the dried beef)
  • Offer therapies and advices to your friends at dinner (I already feel high and mighty)

What else do you want?

Brava Cristina!