Eyelet Milano, the pochette Made in Italy

Original and Elegant Pocket Squares

We tried to define male elegance with Alessandro Giannotti, beginning with the concept of “subtle refinement,” in gestures, words and clothing. .

Today with Stefano Collarile, the founder of Eyelet Milano, we are talking about men’s accessories. There are only so many to choose from, but one of the classics is the pochette: A well cut suit or jacket, in fact, feels incomplete without the famous pocket square.

Stefano Collarile has always had an authentic passion for tailored clothes and accessories. A bit for fun, and a bit by chance, Stefano actually made his first pochette himself, and customized it with a button.

Eyelet Milano was born from the passion for tailored clothes

In 2014 Eyelet Milan was born during a meeting with Gian Luca. It was an idea as simple as it was original: combining the highest quality Italian fabric with a buttonhole and a button, both symbols of masculine elegance.

The name Eyelet comes from the English translation of “asola,” the eyelet sewn by hand in fine cotton which, together with the button, is the hallmark of this fine Italian accessory.

”The pochette can be worn at any time of day and on any occasion, you just have to choose the right one.”

Stefano Collarile

Eyelet Milano, The Italian Pochette

Pocket Squares Designed with Originality and Elegance

Eyelet Milano makes a wide range of pochettes: 106 different models come to life from the skilled hands of tailors and local artisans who work with the best materials of the Italian production chain.

Fabrics range from piqué to soft linen and high quality cashmere.

The buttons are made of all natural mother-of-pearl, hand carved ebony, 18-karat gold or gold with a pavé of brilliant-cut diamonds. They all come in an “oversized” format: 11 mm in diameter and 4 in height.

Eyelet Milano, from the skilled hands of tailors and local artisans

The buttonhole is rigorously hand-stitched in high quality Italian cotton thread. Each production phase is highly controlled for an exceptional level of quality.

What can we say about Stefano Collarile and Gian Luca.. but well done!

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