FABIANA GABELLINI young, extravagant and talented stylist from Cattolica

Made in Italy

Do you never find beautiful clothes which fits you? Do you think fashion is just for thin and tall women?

That’s a lieeee! We are in Italy, home of Made to Measure, and of high tailoring and tailor-made clothes. For you, too.

After Paola Vanacore today we are going to speak about FABIANA GABELLINI young, extravagant and talented stylist from Cattolica – an Italian town on the Adriatic Coast – creates timeless clothes, suitable and customizable for any event.

Could you ask for more?

"Fabiana Gabellini, creates timeless clothes, suitable and customizable for any event"

Made to Measure

Fabiana Gabellini: made to measure

Italian Style

Thanks to her mother, she learns from a very young age the art of tailoring, which she develops later on attending the most prestigious Italian fashion and costume schools. After a long experience in close contact with suppliers and designers from renowned high fashion and prêt-à-porter brands, she opens her atelier in Cattolica.

In 2017 she presents at “Fuori Salone” – collateral event of the Milano Design Week – her Japan and Tecno capsule collection, where the classic kimono is revisited in a modern way and mixed with strong colours, graphic elements and street art symbols. The result is elegant and full of 1940’s Japanese cinema references. Interior designer Gianna Tedeschin contributed to the exotic and classic-chic setting of the launch party.

Her ART TO WEAR project consists of silks dresses printed with paintings by contemporary artists.

The silk dress she wears in the picture is adorned with a Paola Zannoni’s artwork, Eden for You. The pursuit of Paradise, the unconscious, the unattainable are described thorough graffiti and strong colours which are perfect to express her emotions and positive mood. Freedom, Elegance, Inner strength: it’s a framework for women enhanced by a woman.

The next step is her June exhibition, Rosso Valentino, with two mother-daughter dresses made from the same model and decorated by the same painter.

We like to think that, thanks to Fabiana, every woman may feel beautiful in her body shape and timelessly elegant.

We are lucky, we live in Italy.

Brava Fabiana!

P.S. HERE you can find her contact informations and have a look at her collections.

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