FIAM - The Culture of Glass in the World

The History of Glass Design

I will never get tired of repeating it: we are in Italy, and our elegance and our know-how come from the beauty that surrounds us.

Many of the most important Italian companies were born because of passion, tradition, and love of beauty. In homage to Italy and to that beauty which inspires greatness, today I tell you the story of a man and a company that has left their mark on the culture and design of glass in the world.

Fiam, art meet design

At the age of eight, he worked as a gardener with his father. At the age of thirteen he went to went to work in a glassmaker’s shop as an apprentice and at seventeen he set up his own business and attended art school.

A crowning jewel of Made in Italy, we are talking about Vittorio Livi and his company Fiam Italia, that have managed to add value to traditional glass by transforming it into iconic design pieces for the home and office.

“Fiam Italia has marked the passage of glass from decorative objects to furniture.”

Vittorio Livi

FIAM Italia, the Culture of Glass in the World

The History of Glass Design

Art is the muse, but it is technique and design that marks the success of Fiam. Vittorio Livi started by exploring the possibilities of bending glass and in 1973, with his first collection, created the Onda pouf. From that moment forward, a great collaboration was born with the most talented names of design and art.

Works like the Ragno table, the first table made from a single sheet of glass, the iconic Ghost glass armchair designed by Cini Boeri, and the Caadre mirror by Philippe Starck were born, just to name a few.

“It is important to pass on the secrets of the art of glass working to young people.”

Vittorio Livi

Design, recognition, career awards, and museums from New York to Rome. In 1992 Vittorio Livi renovated the Villa Miralfiore, a historic building in Pesaro. Part of the villa is dedicated to Spazio Miralfiore, a glass museum with works of art designed by national and international artists.

The list of his collaborators includes designers such as Dante Benini and Luca Gonzo, Daniel Libeskin, Marcel Wanders, Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, and Ludovico and Roberta Palomba.

FIAM – The History of Glass Design

In 2018 in Milan, at yet another turning point, Vittorio Livi and Fiam Italia presented a collection that will revolutionize the future of glass. He plays with the material, transforming it from cold and rigid into earthy, warm, and multicolor, and uses it to make very thick sheets, something that until now, was never before possible.

With Vittorio Livi and Fiam Italia, the new era for the future of glass has begun.

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