Finis Terre Mineral Make-up

Italian Mineral Cosmetics

We are exploring the theme of mineral make-up with Finis Terre and its founder Maria Grazia Morandini.

After talking about organic creams with HerbSardinia and Double B, today we are featuring makeup that’s Made in Italy, and doesn’t harm your skin.

Mineral make-up is actually the simplest natural cosmetic that we can use. It is made from only pigments and mineral matrixes that are skillfully blended together to create colored powders with special properties of coverage and diffusion of light.

Finis Terre Mineral Make-up doesn’t harm your skin

Maria Grazia, who is a Tuscan biologist, knows this well. Because of her great passion for physics, she has always made her own makeup. One beautiful day, six or seven years ago, she decided to share her creations with other women and start a real brand.

Of all her products, mineral foundation is the most popular cosmetic.

“My philosophy is: less is more. With 4 rocks and a plant you can create cosmetics for healthy and beautiful makeup and your skin will thank you.”

Maria Grazia Morandini

Finis Terre Mineral Make-up

Italian Mineral Cosmetics

The elements used in Finis Terre are: mica, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, kaolin, and clay. The dyes are made from iron oxide which gives the cosmetic the colors yellow, red, black, and ultramarine.

All of the materials are readily available in nature, and there are no added ingredients that could harm your skin.

They have an array of products, and boast about fifty mineral eye shadows, 3 types of foundation, blush, bronzer, concealer, finish powders, and a collection of special brushes for applying mineral makeup.

Finis Terre Mineral Make-up the materials are readily available in nature

The foundation line is the highlight of the entire collection: Runa, Phibest and my personal favorite, Silky Dust. All are to be applied with a specific brush called kabuki.

What can we say about Finis Terre and especially Maria Grazia …? They are amazing! Beautiful work!

You can find Finis Terre on their website.

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