Gianna Tedeschini, Italian Upholstery

An ancient profession with a modern twist

In Italy, the upholsterer is not just a craftsman, but also an artist who works alongside architects and designers to furnish homes, hotels, showrooms, and museums.

After the article dedicated to the two women of Le Mastro, the next generation of young designers/shoemakers, we tell the story of another woman who has turned her passion into art: the upholsterer Gianna Tedeschini.

Following art school, where she specialized in textiles, Gianna Tedeschini started working with color in people’s homes. She applied the passion for restoration and color that she developed as a young person to home design.

She opened her own business providing wallpaper and all kinds of furniture combinations to her clients. Shortly thereafter, she also started designing furniture using recycled materials.

After the devastating earthquake in central Italy, her children joined the company. From tragedy, with strength and courage, Gianna Tedeschini saved the business for her children, focusing not on what was lost but on what opportunities lay ahead.

Now she splits her time between Rome, Forte dei Marmi, Milan, and Venice.

“A good craftsman must be able to transform old materials, and bring them back to life!”

Gianna Tedeschini

Gianna Tedeschini, Italian Upholstery

An ancient profession with a modern twist

Gianna Tedeschini understands materials like an engineer.

She buys used furniture and by covering it in just the right fabric, gives it new life. Customers call her to ask for advice on what to do or not do with their old pieces.

In line with Italian respect for tradition, she tries to honor and maintain the family history of a piece, while interpreting it in a contemporary way.

Her world is made of color, her passion is the weave and design of the fabric, and her objective is to enter into the home and the heart of her clients.

Gianna follows her instinct and like a conductor orchestrates the colors and materials of walls, lights, curtains, lamps, and upholstery.

Well-done Gianna!

P.S. You can find Gianna Tedeschini on her Facebookpage or Instagram profile .

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