Gio Bastian handbags

Wood as a creative element

Founded by Giorgio Bastianelli, Gio Bastian was born out of the idea of using the soft lines and graceful qualities of wood to produce elegant and feminine fashion accessories.

After the artistic bags of Marina Santaniello, we highlight another handbag designer.

A creative person by nature, Bastianelli’s work is based on his great passion for art and his experience transforming wood. His studio is located in Tavullia, a town near Pesaro, in the Marche region.

There he develops each handbag through an evolutionary process that weaves together the various elements of design and craftsmanship. Working first with the initial shapes, he then combines precious woods, such as such as rosewood, ash, wengé, and zebrawood, with leather and metal elements.

In Gio Bastian handbags, the stiffness of wood is replaced by the softness and grace of its grain and texture. The refined and elegant materials bring out these elements, and the end result is an accessory that is alluring and feminine.

"My bags combine the natural qualities of wood with leather and fabrics."

Giorgio Bastianelli

Gio Bastian handbags

Wood as a creative element in bags

The design, concept, and craftsmanship of Gio Bastian have attracted interest and enthusiasm from the beginning. Each bag is designed to respond to the needs of contemporary women, and this is an important incentive for continuous evolution, creativity and experimentation.

Gio Bastian bags are made artisanally, and have the incredible attention to detail found only through the hand craftsmanship and expertise of those who manipulate woods, skins, and other natural materials.

In the Tavullia workshop, these authentic values are brought to life, and they give renewed importance and international recognition to the phrase Made in Italy- already famous for its excellence in the fashion and creative industries.

The determination of Giorgio Bastianelli along with his Italian entrepreneurial genius transformed an idea into a brand – Gio Bastian – that since 2013 has been sought out and appreciated for their unique products. Their handbags are sold not only in many Italian boutiques, but also abroad, and have been featured in important trade fairs such as the Premiere Classe in Paris. They are truly a work of excellence 100% Made in Italy.

Well-done Giorgio!

P.S. You can find Gio Bastian bags on their website, or contact Giorgio Bastianelli directly through his Faccebook o Instagram pages.

Written by: Alessandro Fiocca

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