Glowing design accessories

Glowing Made in Italy

Trevignano, a small town on the Bracciano Lake. Sunset time. The water is turning red, as the last sunbeams offer an explosion of warm and cool colours. A woman named Laura is running along the lake’s bank to catch those light shows, which last for a few seconds. When she was a child Laura Mustaccioli used to play with transparent Lego bricks and today, as an architect, she still cultivates a passion for crystalline and bright materials.

After years of study and research, Laura Mustacciuoli created her accessory line using a material that catches the light and releases it in specific times of the day.

"Wearing a Glowing bracelet may be like playing a kaleidoscopic game"

Glowing design accessories

Glowing by Laura Mustacciuoli

Design Made in Italy

Wearing a Glowing bracelet may be like playing a kaleidoscopic game. The colours change following the sunlight. At sunset or during thunderstorms, they illuminate with reflections due to ultraviolet rays.

Each model is drawn on a cardboard, turned into a vector prototype, laser-cut, manually bent and sanded to remove the artisanal production imperfections. The resulting piece is a design object to wear.

Brava, Laura!

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