Grevi Hats Made in Italy for Four Generations

The tradition of Florentine Straw

On the seaside, in the country, or in the mountains, this summer you will surely be getting lots of sun. Like every year, we dedicate a post to the most useful article for wherever you happen to be: the hat.

Made in Italy of course!

Today we bring you the beautiful story of a very Italian hatmaker: the Grevi hat factory in Florence.

Since 1875 the Grevi family has created fabulous hats that, in the course of over a hundred years, have covered the most famous heads of the planet; from Ascot to Sofia Loren, from Paris to Tokyo.

The story of Grevi hats, tells how from generation to generation, through changing fashions and commercial strategies, a family of Italian entrepreneurs has been able to ride the wave into the digital age thanks to creativity, expertise and of course being Made in Italy.

The founder Attilio worked with braiders, or plaiters- women who interlaced pieces of raw straw material into braids. These were then sewn into a spiral and turned into the famous Florentine straw hats, loved by the romantic ladies at the end of the century. Through the years the business grew, the family collaborated with great international fashion brands, and eventually, in the 1980’s, Giuseppe and his wife Francesca launched the first collection of Grevi hats and started travelling the world.

“However, we have never abandoned our traditional line, which, to this day is still precious and vital.”

Giuseppe Grevi

Grevi Hats Made in Italy for Four Generations

The tradition of Florentine Straw

Their first launch was in Paris, and it was a great success! After Paris, they brought the Grevi line worldwide, to Milan, then New York, Tokyo, Seoul, and Duesseldorf.

All of their production is done in Italy – from sewing to shaping, and from finishing to trimming, everything is made using methods perfected over time. The use of manual techniques and specific machinery makes each product exclusive in terms of quality, wearability, colour and decoration.

Today, the most prestigious stores in the world continue to offer Grevi hats, and the Made in Italy brand continues to grow, offering their products in their online store, and most recently expanding to China!

What a story!

The Grevi family is very talented!

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