Hand-crafted furniture Made in Italy, RBR Ebanisteria

Custom furniture in precious woods

Are you looking for something special for your home? Something elegant, high quality and with an excellent finish? Maybe something made especially for a space or a room that’s dear to you?

Today we bring you a company that can fulfill all your furniture dreams; RBR Ebanisteria, cabinet makers that create hand-crafted furniture Made in Italy

We are in Rosà in the province of Vicenza, in the Veneto region, where RBR produces handmade furniture Made in Italy using fine wood and quality hardware.

The RBR furniture workshop strongly believes that the ability to repair, regenerate, and reconstruct, which is typical of the artisan world, is today more important than ever and is in sharp contrast with the industrial philosophy of disposable, or “use-and-throw.”

The artisan world, in reality, has always innovated through the creation and improvement of tools, the selection and experimentation with new materials, and the ingenuity needed to repair- a skill that is often more “sophisticated” than the creation of the original object.

“Very often we take for granted the existence of an object, whatever it is, but within that object there always exists a bit of life given by those who thought of it and those who produced it.”

Bernardi Bros

Hand-crafted furniture Made in Italy, RBR Ebanisteria

Custom furniture in precious woods

In other words, the Italian craftsman put their heart and soul into their work!

The Bernardi brothers create wonderful furniture; Talented and rich with knowledge handed down from previous generations, as well as manual skills sedimented over the centuries, they combine their skills with intuition, evolving and transforming according to the needs of modernity.

The woods they use are lime, cherry, ash, walnut, and oak and they are all assembled using hardware obtained with cold-brass casting. The finishes are made with natural patinas that highlight the characteristic grain of the wood.

With their project “Not just wood,” dedicated to all those who love elegance, art, and originality, they have launched a series of products created by designers, architects, and cabinetmakers using not only wood but unique new materials, with handmade finishes.

Well done!

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