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Are you figuring out how to organize an office at home? Do you believe that a ground floor can’t be central and quiet? The first home@office, home working project by Silvia Zamarion, may be the right place for you: a 40 sqm pied-à-terre with a courtyard in the heart of Coppedè neighbourhood.

Crossing the doorstep in Via Ombrone 7 is a sensorial experience. The elegant spaces, carefully divided by big picture-doors, broaden horizons. You won’t regret to get in.

The green courtyard reflected in the glass wall and the skilfully organized lights greet you like a warm hug. Peace and quietness in the centre of the noisy Capital: it’s a contrast you immediately perceive. Mario Sasso created the living table turned into desk. Large sliding doors, with digital and hand painted works by Lidia Scalzo, hide the kitchen block and relax your heart and mind. A bright hallway leads to the bathroom and the bedroom, now used as a meeting place.

"The perfect solution to live and work in Rome within 40 sqm"

Home office for sale in Rome

Leonardo Hidalgo’s Marilyn Monroe sensually smiles from the shower. The cherry red sink is the only colour note.

The courtyard with flowerbeds frames the home@office in shades of green. The outdoor living room peeps out from the bedroom’s French window, protected by the veranda.

The green courtyard is a performance by Lucio Micheletti originally presented at the 2013 Venice Biennale, while some other artworks, used to decorate the house, come from the Galleria Ca d’Oro.

Brava Silvia!
P.S. Please don’t hesitate to email me for any further information info@marialauraberlinguer.com (write me)

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