Imagine: Bijoux on the Roman rooftops

Made in Italy

As stated in the famous Treccani Encyclopedia, the word BIJOUX, from the Breton bizou, “ring”, derivation of biz, “finger”, indicates a jewel made of non-precious materials.

Non-precious jewels, born as copies of the authentic ones, raised in the twenties as a complement to the fashion creations of the most famous Parisian Maisons, but it’s only in the United States that this genre turned into a real production sector.

Since then, this industry charmed women all over the world, giving a chance to wear jewels even to those who could not afford the most precious models. After all, as COCO CHANEL said “Jewels are not supposed to make women look rich, but just beautiful“. And if she said so …

"From the richest to the simplest, from the semi-precious stones to the silver in any of its tones"

IMAGINE’s bijoux


Bijoux Made in Italy

Maria Vittoria Impelluso and Susi Pastore, linked by their passion for art, fashion and beauty, one day, in September 2015, decided that it was time to realize a dream kept secret till then and gave life to IMAGINE, a young jewellery brand and a laboratory of ideas and creations on the Roman rooftops.

Inspired by the colours of stones and the light emanated by different materials, Mavi and Susi create unique and personal items, all handmade with a vaguely retro style. The use of animalier elements like snakes, flies – for the earrings – and spiders evoke a very elegant muse, gracefully walking through the Parisian streets in full Belle Epoque. Their necklaces, to wear long or curled up, lead us to the great Coco and her everlasting tailleur.

From the richest to the simplest, from the semi-precious stones to the silver in any of its tones.

Brave Mavi e Susi!

P.S. you can contact them from their website or Facebook page.

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