Italian Handmade knitwear Maglieria Lorenzin

Knitting Made in Italy

The arrival of autumn brings bright colors, and the first cold days, which make us dream of steaming hot food and soft wool… Today we will talk about this wonderful natural fiber and the Italian Handmade knitwear with Raffaella Lorenzin, founder of Maglieria Lorenzin.

After textile design, we take you on a journey to discover the magical world of knitting through handmade and personalized knitwear.

Italian Handmade Knitwear

A fifty-year-old mother and a hard worker, Raffaella Lorenzin lives in Mariano Comense, a town in the province of Como known for its furniture and lace. As a child, she was surrounded by traditional arts. Her mother taught her how to embroider, and her grandmother, how to make delicate Pizzo Cantù, a regional style of lace. Raffaella Lorenzin herself is passionate about knitting and in true Italian style has transformed her love and craft into a viable business activity, Maglieria Lorenzin.

“The choice of yarn is a very important step, because it determines the type of garment to be made.”

Raffaella Lorenzin

Italian Handmade Knitwear

Maglieria Lorenzin, The art of knitting Made in Italy

What are the basic steps involved in knitting a garment by hand?

The first step is choosing the yarn: a thin yarn is an ideal choice for a light and comfortable garment like a jacket, while with a thicker yarn it is possible to create a more structured, warm, and heavy garments such as a coat or a lined jacket.

The second, no less important step, is compiling the customer’s individual technical sheet with his/her precise measurements.

Italian Handmade Knitwear: the steps in making a made to measure garment

The third step is the sketch, where the amount of yarn, the type of needles to use, the type of button or zipper, the depth of the neckline, etc.. are drawn out. Finally, the actual production of the garment is carried out, completing the cycle.

Maglieria Lorenzin carries an array of exclusive styles which are exemplary of the real Made in Italy, produced with creativity, expertise, quality materials and lots of courage.

Beautiful work Raffaella!

If you would like one of these cozy garments for yourself, you can find Maglieria Lorenzin and the newest collection on their website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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