Italian Houses

For a holiday or forever, for sale or for rent, let’s discover the most beautiful houses throughout Italy!

Yes, Italian houses are special. For us Italians, a house is forever. At least in our heart.

Made in Italy is not just about design, fashion, craftsmanship. Made in Italy is part of the Italian history and culture and, for logical consequence, of the Italian lifestyle.

If you ask an Italian about his most precious things, he will surely tell you about his family and his house. This last one is a sort of emanation of the family itself, the warm place to stay all together at night. It’s a shelter and a love nest for a couple.

What’s more romantic than a charming house near the “Church of Sugar” in Rome or a place surrounded by greenery in the centre of Florence?

Your dream place could be a small attic on the Amalfi Coast or a typical balconied house in the secret streets of Milan.

Stylish villas for sale on the Bracciano Lake and luxury ones for rent on the Ponza seaside. They’re unique places in the world, because Italy is unique!

The Italian peninsula, long and thin with an endless coastline, is a cradle of culture and civilization and the most incredible place to buy a villa in the countryside, rent a 700’s Baroque residence in Sicily or buy a small studio in the heart of a mountain village.

Italian houses are set in unique art cities (like Rome, Venice, Florence), on the coast, facing the crystal clear sea, or in the wonderful Italian countryside.

Would you like to open your window from a small and elegant apartment overlooking the Spanish Steps in Rome? Or do you prefer to admire the sunset from an Italian style house in Portofino?

This without mentioning the fantastic days you could spend in an Argentario design villa or a luxury sea house in Ponza…


Italian Houses

Places telling a story

Beautiful houses are made of exceptional materials. No fancy villa could be made of poor materials.

Italian houses look so fancy because they are built with exceptional materials in dream locations. Carrara marbles, Roman travertine, Trentino’s porphyry, Lavagna’ slate, Tuscan cotto, grey Billemi and serena stone. Italian luxury houses are made of exceptional materials.

Luxury Real Estate stands out here for the accurate selection of raw materials and the genius in matching them. And that’s not news.

Think about the ancient Roman ports, like Ventotene for instance, that stoically resist the saltwater erosion thanks to their exceptionally built structure.

Italian luxury houses mix antique finishing materials with experiences and modern experiments.

Here you can buy or rent a place where interior decorators, designers and artisans refine and refurbish doors, staircases and ceilings to turn them into highly emotional artworks.

Italian houses moves you at a high level. The most beautiful houses for sale are here in Italy.

Over time, as for Made in Italy, Italian houses have historically and culturally become the distinctive feature of specific areas of the country.

You can buy or rent trulli and farmhouses in Puglia, Palladian villas in Veneto, Baroque villas and dammusi in Sicily, Saracen towers down the coast, noble castles and lolle del Campidano in Sardinia, wineries in the Tuscan countryside and colourful Ligurian houses perched on the seacoast.

It’s a huge real estate that represents, like Made in Italy, a distinctive feature and point of pride of our country. The most beautiful houses for sale and for rent are here, in Italy.

Design is a value withstanding the passage of time. Italian style houses for sale are furnished with design objects.

The peculiar furnishing of Italian houses for rent and sale complete a one of a kind offer. In Italy we can boast the greatest contemporary designers and prestigious brands – such as Molteni and Cassina – just to name a few – but we can also count on tons of small local realities constantly placing new furnitures, fabrics and lamps on the market.

Have a look at the Italian style houses for sale or rent available on our website. They can be yours for a holiday or forever.

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