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The highly desired and imitated Italian Lifestyle is not limited to fashion and design. It expresses, above all, a way of life, from eating to dressing and furnishing.

Most Italians have an innate aesthetic sense. Especially after the age of 45, when their self-awareness turns into a specific lifestyle… the Italian lifestyle.

The famous Italian Lifestyle  has its root in the history and culture of our country

Art and culture inevitably determine our way of life. We Italians are so used to waking up in front of the breathtaking view of the Amalfi Coast, walking in the shadow of the Colosseum or Pisa Tower, being surrounded by ingenious works, museums and beauty that sometimes we forget how lucky we are.

The Great Beauty enters our lives since childhood, shaping and defining it with an inevitable impulse.

Art and culture are like an engine constantly working to cultivates creativity and talent. That’s how Italian lifestyle gets shaped.

“La dolce vita”, the Italian frank, easygoing and beautiful way of life, has nothing to do with luxury. Our luxury consists of spending time with the people we love, making family reunions in the holiday season, chatting, walking on the main street, living outdoors with no rush and enjoying our delicious food and wine.

The so famous “Italian Way of Fooding” is nothing more than a Mediterranean diet combined with conviviality, regular meals, slow food and cheerfulness that leads to beneficial results in terms of wellness and longevity.

Our luxury is to dress up with a few small expedients in order to look tidy and feel comfortable with ourselves. Moreover, “Manners maketh man..” (cit.)

Itaian Lifestyle

Italia lifestyle

The famous Italian Style

Italian life after the age of 45

I dedicate this specific category and all my blog to those – like me – who gained the adulthood awareness always preserving a little bit of playful carefreeness; those who have treasured their (Italian) life experiences and still have great aspirations.

Because maybe it’s true that life in Italy starts at 40 and is even better at 50. During my continuous search for Made in Italy products from North to South, I met a lot of people who started a new career with courage and a bit of daring, finally realizing their dreams, leaving an unsatisfying job to take a new path that enhance our culture and country.

Some of them moved abroad, some other became fashion designers or moved to a different region.

They are all great ambassadors of our lifestyle and, in general, of our country.

The Guest Editor, beating heart of the Italian lifestyle

In the Italian lifestyle section you’ll find tips on home furnishing, wellness and, more generally, about our culture. Dressing inspirations not to be a fashion victim, but to interpret it with an Italian style, good ideas to entertain you in a boring day and make you laugh.

Informative and useful advices and opinions from architects, food bloggers, doctors and lawyers. In this area my dearest guests will join me to write about some specific topics. Architects such as Claudia Sigismondi and Andrea

Proto from Plus Design, food bloggers like Cristiana Grassi, aka Orata Spensierata, lawyers like Daniela Bardoni, doctors like Anna Giulia Pecoraro, Italian style connoisseurs like Patrizio Rossi and Gerardo Cappelli. Experts on perfumes, fashion and music.

These are tips to read with irony and interpret with your own (of course Italian) style.

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