Italiana Handmade

Custom Lamps and chandeliers for every environment

Lighting! What is more important than lighting?

Lighting is an essential factor in any environment. It is an element capable of changing the perception of a space and the appearance of objects within it, as we describe here.

And speaking of light, today we tell you the story of Andrea Parlato who, in the middle of the economic crisis in 2014, abandoned a safe and well-paid job to found Italiana Handmade.

Andrea went to the most important Interior Design Studios in London and Dubai to propose Italiana Handmade as a link between them and the true Italian artisans specialized in lighting.

"In a moment of crisis I jumped into the unknown, taking the risk to start working for myself: Today our company is very well established in the sector!"

Andrea Parlato

Italiana Handmade

Custom Lamps and chandeliers for every environment

Their first big job was the lighting of the Babylon Hotel in Baghdad, and it allowed Italiana Handmade to make a leap forward in quality.

This was followed by commissions for lamps and chandeliers for some of the most important hotels in the world, for splendid private villas and for the most important brands in the luxury sector, ambassadors of Made in Italy.

Italian Handmade has also taken advantage of local talent, hiring architects and designers, and creating an innovative and proactive enterprise specializing in original and valued technical solutions.

“The artisanship and skill of Italian craftsmen are unparalleled anywhere in the world.”

Andrea Parlato

All of the production is managed directly by the company and each craftsman works closely with the designers in their area of expertise: iron and metalworking, various types of glass production, painting and special processing, and all forms of electrical systems in compliance with the safely standards, performance and consumption needs of different countries.

The biggest goal of Italiana Handmade is to share the unparalleled knowledge and skills of Italian craftsmanship with the world and to do so with pride.

Great work Andrea!

You can find him via his website or social media pages

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