Jokfil Italian Luxury Bike Design

Limited edition handcrafted excellence

Once upon a time, there was a bicycle. Today, we feature a company combining both craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, producing bikes that redefine cycling: calling them simply bicycles would be reductive.

After discovering boats and chairs Made in Italy, we move to two wheels and tell the story of
Filippo Bertolazzi and his company Jokfil, which makes extraordinary bicycles for true cycling enthusiasts.

Filippo has always liked bikes, and it was in the beginning of 2016 in Soncino, a town near Cremona in Lombardy, when he began to design his first bicycle frame. From that moment on, he never stopped: He spent a year developing prototypes and then moved on to marketing.

His idea was to build a comfortable, distinctive, and exclusive bike, with a clear story: each model would be a part of a limited edition production run and have a unique identification number.

For now, customers are mainly European but steadily Jokfil is becoming known abroad as well.

"You either love or hate our bikes style: whoever rides a Start & Stripes is someone who doesn’t like half measures.”

Filippo Bertolazzi

Jokfil Italian Luxury Bike Design

Limited edition handcrafted excellence

There are three lines in production at this time.

The Start & Stripe: the ultimate expression of the Jokfil project, this flagship bicycle is comfortable, exclusive, and transforms the exceptional into normality.

The Rampante: here the idea of fun takes shape. Eclectic and easy to use, this is a bicycle that can adapt to any terrain and can offer the best ride in any conditions.

The Rough: ultra light and easy to maneuver thanks to its mix of aluminum and carbon, it was developed starting from a concept of functionality: a fast, comfortable and absolutely effortless road bike.

"Jokfil bikes are designed to be used, and noticed, every day"

Filippo Bertolazzi

Frames in both carbon and aluminum are Made in Italy, painted, and then assembled in the showroom. All Jokfil bikes have belt drive systems and do not require lubricant or maintenance.

Jokfil bikes are designed to be used, and noticed, every day.

They maintain the pleasure of a traditional ride with the added bonus of the strap system for a fluid and quiet cycling experience.

A Jokfil will never change… and you probably will never see two of a kind in the same city!

Great work guys!

P.S. You can find Filippo and his Jokfil on the website.

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