Joy-Jo: Textile Jewellery

Giovanna Canu

Textile Jewellery: Giovanna Canu’s bijoux

Do you like jewellery and use to follow our posts? So, listen to the story of Joy-Jo.

Sardinia. Giovanna was a lively, creative and attentive child. As it often happens, she used to spend entire afternoons with her grandma. Sitting and playing with her at the loom, she gradually learned how to use it. Giovanna stared at her granny’s light hands movements in contrast to the wire’s strength.

She inspected the weft and the warp. She listened to the slow rhythm of reed beating weaves one on another. She felt a passion growing inside her.

Nowadays, after a few years in Barcelona, with a Bachelor Degree in Architecture and 15-years of managerial career, Giovanna decides to come back to Milan and pick up one thread of her life, hidden among the many others that conduct everybody’s existence.

It’s a new beginning, a new experimentation and the rediscovery of an art learned during her childhood: THE TEXTILE JEWELLERY.

Joy-Jo is the name of her hand-woven jewels brand, born from her passion mixed with the millennial experience of seamstresses, weavers and artisans.

"Joy-Jo: Copper, silver and gold: Textile Jewellery"

Made in Italy

Joy-Jo: Textile Jewellery

Giovanna Canu

Each metal has its inherent ELEGANCE.

It may be hot or cold, shiny or matte, hard or ductile, rich or poor but it’s always able to accommodate Giovanna’s hands and look obedient and elegant in its imperfections. It gives a physical dimension to her emotions.

She loves COPPER above all and we agree with this choice. Thanks to some galvanic treatments, she can manipulate it in different colours and special shades. After the weaving process, copper is cleaned, degreased and put under a continuous current flow in aqueous solution to ensure that the metal ions cling to the treated surface. At last, there’s the application of a protective film and drying process.

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These are unique pieces; lightweight like a bright tunic you wear without feeling it. They are design jewels: bracelets, necklaces and earrings, with spirals circles and half oval shapes, which remind feminine symbols and images.

Emotions dominate Giovanna’s work. Her guide spirit is the need to express and share her feelings through the strength of fingers, the ductility of material and the intensity of soul.

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Brava Giovanna!

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