Kilesa - Handbags Made in Italy

Bianca Imbembo and the Secret of Campania Elegance

Beautiful, extremely elegant and very luxurious, the Kilesa bags are a jewel of Made in Italy.

There is a place in Italy where beauty and creativity freely reign. A region where elegance is natural and dreams are made by expert craftsmen’s hands. A place where art, history, and culture have impressed an indelible mark on every object.

Define Your Style with a Quality Bag: Kilesa

We are talking about Campania, a land of great sartorial traditions and spectacular manufacturers. Today we bring you the story of Bianca Imbembo, courageous and determined entrepreneur, and creator of the Kilesa handbag brand

Bianca is a woman who knows how to choose, an uncommon gift. In the midst of her successful career as a manager, she meet her future husband and made her first big life choice: she decided to raise her children and dedicate herself to them. She left her job and cultivated her passions, studied English and eventually started looking into the world of fashion thanks to a few entrepreneurial friends. When her children were older, and she was in her forties, she decided to get back in the game. She studied and sought out specialized knowledge to help her realizes her dream: a line of handbags of her own

A woman who has accomplished it all!

“I focused on international markets, on websales and on the recycling of materials when no one believed in it yet!”

Bianca Imbembo

Bianca started from scratch, without the classic family legacy that distinguishes many Made in Italy companies.

In 2013 she began her research and in 2014 she presented her PET handbag at the Milan Expo. Made with felt obtained from recycling PET, each bag turned eight plastic bottles into an elegant and smart handbag, finished with naturally tanned leather. With this creation, she was at the forefront of fashion.

Later she started to design using more fine leather, and with intuition and courage, she focused on foreign markets and on web sales, where she received great feedback from buyers. She is selling in Paris, Shanghai, Japan, and finally, at the most important international leather goods and fashion accessories show, Mipel, in Milan

Kilesa, a high standard with affordable prices!

Kilesa’s production processes respect eco-sustainable issues and each phase of creation follows the specific requirements for product safety and compliance, as well as respect for the environment around us

Each bag is made exclusive with quality leather that is Made in Campania certified. Manufacturing is top of the notch. A high standard with affordable prices.

Not everyone can do that. .

“Bags and shoes are the final pieces of a painting, a painting of the Italian woman!”

Bianca Imbembo

Kilesa - Handbags Made in Italy

Bianca Imbembo and the Secret of Campania Elegance

Kilesa is a name that originates from Eastern philosophy and indicates mixed feelings such as anxiety, fear, determination or ambition- dangerous feelings that must be tempered with meditation practice. Bianca saw herself and her strength in Kilesa, and by taking a chance, and believing in her dream, she created a line for a woman who knows what she wants.

The Kilesa woman is modern and ambitious and isn’t afraid to take risks. She loves to get creative with accessories, and respects the environment, without ever losing sight of elegance and quality of manufacturing. In fact, Kilesa bags are as perfect in detail as their founder is precise and a perfectionist.

A limited edition line

Quality and art are Bianca’s inspirational muses that make her collections special. In particular, she has created a limited edition line, the Tote Bag Artist, thanks to her collaboration with Alessandro Ciambrone. These lovely shopping bags feature Unesco World Heritage Sites in Campania, and are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Vesuvius, Piazza del Plebiscito, and the Royal Palace of Caserta become part of everyday elegance – an extreme luxury to show off with awareness and joy.

Today Bianca Imbembo is a woman satisfied by the results she has achieved, but that does not intend to stop striving for more. The small and large daily victories gently inspire her to overcome the many difficulties of being an entrepreneur in Italy.

The strength of her dreams is always with her, and in the near future she will be opening her first store in Milan.

Wow! Congratulations on your wonderful work Bianca!!

You can find Kilesa on the website.

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