Kriladesign lights and lighting

Light Design and Respect for Nature

Design and family! In Italy, the most beautiful companies and products are born from passion, the beauty that surrounds us, and from family.

Today we tell you a story of “family,” founded on the passion of Giuliano Filipponi, who began a company specializing in injection molding over 40 years ago. After finishing their studies, his two children Beatrice and Federico joined their father in the family business, bringing the new concept of “luminous element.

Kriladesign a story of family

Thanks to a collaboration with the designer Davide Montanaro, whose story we told here, they established the Kriladesign brand in 2009.

Kriladesign began to work with the raw materials that Giuliano Filipponi had experience with: methacrylate, similar to glass, yet stronger and more durable, and LED lights that produce a natural sun-like light.

These materials invite creativity and leave room to explore with other materials such as wood, ceramics, or steel. The Filipponi family also tries to reduce the use of chemicals and eliminate glues that would make their end products more difficult to recycle.

"We want our products to be modular in order to have the greatest possibility of customizing the spaces in which they are placed!”

Giuliano, Beatrice e Federico Filipponi

Light Design and Respect for Nature

Italian lighting

Thanks to the designer Davide Montanaro, the C60 lamp was developed from the combination of methacrylate and LED. The lamp mimics the molecule of fullerene, which exists in nature, and is distinguished precisely by the initials C60.

After C60, the whole Fullerene collection was developed. The design is unique and evocative, and it takes advantage of the natural peculiarities of methacrylate and LED. Creativity is composed and re-composed in infinite solutions.

Light Design and Respect for Nature

Kriladesign is founded on attention to detail, the use of innovative materials, and environmental awareness.

A beautiful product at the right price: those who decide to bring their lights home bring with them warmth, familiarity, and belonging!

Beautiful work!!

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