Le Sognatrici T-Shirt

The Sardinian dreamers Made in Italy

You can be the chicest thing in the world in a T-shirt and jeans…

Do you want to be chic, but really, really chic? Wear a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

Jeans with a good fit, appropriate for your body shape, are a real passe-partout.

You can wear them even in the evening. Just adopt a couple of expedients: a string of pearls or a scarf, a little bit of heels as we said in our previous post, a jacket and a T-shirt: a distinctive one that makes a mark.

Follow Karl Lagerfeld’s tips and wear your favourite jeans with a SPECIAL T-SHIRT, Made in Sardinia, born from the research and creativity of a Sardinian woman, a real DREAMER.

It’s 2011 when Paola Cassano, painter and designer introduces two female faces into her hand-painted jewellery line called Néula: they have closed eyes, heart-shaped mouth and long lashes. Then in the summer of 2013, she creates LE SOGNATRICI (THE DREAMERS)

a T-shirt line depicting a woman who wears TRADITIONAL SARDINIAN COSTUMES called The Dreamer.

For a Sardinian, and it’s not a coincidence if I say that, there’s a strong and indissoluble link with the island. In the same way, for a Sardinian designer the traditional dress reinterpretation is an obligatory step, sooner or later.

The first traditional dress immortalized by Paola came from her native town, Sorso. The strong and warm welcome received by this first T-shirt led to new Dreamers with traditional costumes from different places: Osilo, Sennori, Cagliari, Oliena and others.

"A T-shirt line depicting a woman who wears TRADITIONAL SARDINIAN COSTUMES called The Dreamer."

Le Sognatrici Made in Italy

Le Sognatrici T-Shirt

Paola Cassano

The traditional costume has a great sentimental and cultural value for a community and it’s part of its heritage, transmitted from generation to generation. In Sardinia each town has its own version and proudly defends it since it represents history, identity and a specific idea of parting and working time. No other region in Italy counts so many costumes like Sardinia.

Even today you can find older people wearing them, but to see them all together you must wait for the most important village feasts such as Saint Efisio Feast, the Sardinian Cavalcade, or the Redeemer Feast.

According to Paola Cassano “wearing one of The Dreamers T-shirts is a beautiful and immediate solution to put on the traditional dress in an alternative and modern way, bringing it always with us, remembering and telling where we come from and who we feel to be”.

Each costume is accurately reproduced thanks to a careful study of all the original parts provided by enthusiasts. Digital graphics allows creating clean, sharp, compact lines and shapes, precise colours and details in a very high definition, to honour the precious decorations born from the meticulous work of Sardinian women over the centuries.

Paola Cassano developed this line with other T-shirts depicting ordinary women, like Mirta, Monique, Marilu and famous ones: epic, romantic and cinematographic characters, seen as models of elegance, tenacity and creativity; like Holly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and Antigone.

In the end, Paola Cassano and her team are paying a beautiful tribute to Sardinia, to her traditions but, most of all, to the Sardinian women, Penelopes without Ulysses, and to that clandestine matriarchy so wonderfully described by Giuseppe Dessi in Un pezzo di luna: an immortal, true picture of our island.

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Brava Paola!

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