Le Sorelle Martini (The Martini Sisters) Ecological Home Decor

Eco-sustainable and handmade furniture

Are you looking for Italian furniture custom made just for you?

After Dienne the very practical convertible sofa, we bring you to the magical world created by Elisa and Cinzia Martini, the two sisters behind Le Sorelle Martini (The Maritini Sister)!

In Verona, this Made in Italy furniture is crafted with textiles, natural stones and recycled materials.

They feature two furniture lines:

Le Sorelle Martini – Le Stanze di Ann (The Rooms of Ann)

Dedicated to home and living spaces, this line emphasizes natural wood scent, Nordic designs, warm colors, beauty and functionality. It also offers customizable choices for the kitchen and living rooms, including tables, chairs, armchairs, sofas and lighting.

Le sorelle Martini – ST25

Dedicated to commercial activities, this line is structured around modular metal poles that can be assembled in various ways.

The materials are the same as those used in green building: water-based paints, natural oil finishes, precious woods from responsibly managed forests, and reclaimed wood from older structures, reborn in your home.

“Our values are: tradition, excitement, originality, playfulness, and experimentation.”

Cinzia and Elisa Martini

Le Sorelle Martini

Eco-sustainable and handmade furniture.

“Le Sorelle Martini” (brand name) is the story of a family, as often happens in Italy.

Starting with their father Gilberto, who started as a carpenter in the workshop of a craftsman, and continuing with daughters, Elisa and Cinzia.

Elisa, inspired by art, is a designer and creator, while Cinzia, who is all numbers and positivity, combines logic and listening.

“The artisan know-how lies in the attention to detail in the materials and the process.”

Cinzia and Elisa Martini

Le Sorelle Martini represent Italian artisanship at its best, favoring wood, natural fibers and ceramic and stone tiles.

Le sorelle Martini and the kitchen: tradition, ecology and sustainability.

The kitchen is the heart and focal point of the Italian home and the room that tells the stories of a lifetime. Witness to important moments, the kitchen is like a diary or a photo album.

Choosing a kitchen in Italy means telling a little about yourself, your style, and the way you live your life.

With the Le Stanze di Ann line, Le Sorelle Martini produce a kitchen designed for the person who uses and interacts with the furnishings, countertops, containers, open spaces and materials.

Le Sorelle Martini and children.

In such a beautiful world, there is also room for the littlest ones. Le Sorelle Martini have dedicated a special space to children’s games and happy times.

In short, a world that smells of oak and combines beauty and function.

Great work Cinzia and Silvia!

P.S. You can contact them at 045.2595805 or via their email: info@lesorellemartini.it. For an exciting virtual tour, check out their website!

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