Looking for swimsuits?Here are 4 proudly Made in Italy brands

4 special brands

What are you looking for in a swimsuit? Practicality? Elegance? Fit? Uniqueness?

I got what you need: 4 special brands created by 5 wonderful women, with 5 completely different lives and 5 different professional experiences. It’s real Made in Italy, made of dreams, passion and expertise.

Thanks to these swimsuits you can feel more elegant, comfortable, confident and definitely unique!

In RomeJeux d’Eau: handmade for stars

Luxury brand

Cristiana Cucinotta and Banu Eren are two friends, two creative multicultural minds, with a taste for research and retro, timeless style. After 25 years of absence they return with their swimwear collection, Jeux d’eau: a luxury brand designed and manufactured in Italy, with a scrupulous choice of unique and original colours.

The first brand’s peculiarity is the accurate selection of durable fabrics, combined with high quality tailoring research. In other words, they fit you even if you are not a pin up and wear them year after year.

The second Jeux d’eau’s peculiarity is that it’s a limited edition, which guarantees the product’s exclusivity. And that means that you don’t find them everywhere. You get them directly at home, 10 days after the fitting with a sample model.

Where can you buy them? In a pretty secret place in Rome, well-known to connoisseurs only: ARTISANAL CORNUCOPIA a small, delicious bistro full of handmade products from all over the world. It’s managed by an elegant globetrotter, always moving from New York to Tokyo in search of quality handmade products for a sophisticated and demanding clientele: her name is Elif Sallorenzo and we’ll talk about her soon…

Trust me, it’s worth a visit to via dell’Oca 38a (near Piazza del Popolo).

Looking for swimsuits Jeux d’eau: handmade for stars

In NaplesDaddà: dressing the most beautiful women in the world

Made in Italy

Daniela Errico is a real Neapolitan creative, like only Neapolitans can be, with ultramarine eyes and a cheerful smile. She has always loved fine fabrics and details that make the difference. Surrounded by a joyful family and a loving husband for 30 years now – that is not a small thing – 4 years ago, sick of the same, old swimsuits, she decided to create a unique bikini collection, made for her and for friends.

Daddà, like her father used to call her when she was a child, has a totally different job in her everyday life, but she turns this hobby into a passionate profession for a few months a year, creating Daddà Swimwear, her custom-made bikini collection dedicated to her beloved dad.

She works in a small laboratory, surrounded by precious fabrics, ivory pearls, coloured stones, glittering Swarovki crystals, macramé, light chiffon and soft laces. Here Daniela realizes every bikini in a single copy, trying to imagine the kind of woman who will wear it.

She wants her clients to feel cuddled, elegant, exclusive, unique and confident, with custom-made models from size 10 to 14.

Where can you find them? Contact Daniela through her Facebook and Instagram profiles: there you can have a look at many pictures with mannequins and customers marvellously wearing her creations. She ships worldwide. You can also find her swimsuits in Sperlonga, at Nounours de Luxe in via Romita or – if you have that privilege – in Sorrento, at Unica Concept Store in the Main Street.

Daddà: dressing the most beautiful women in the world

In TurinNinali: swimsuits to fall in love with

Everything starts in Sardinia

Everything starts in Sardinia, when Alice Grattapaglia creates for fun a laser cut swimsuit in flexible and elastic lycra. Her friends immediately like it, as well as some prestigious boutiques from Sardinia to Capri and Formentera. It’s a rapid and almost unexpected success.

Ninali’s swimsuits are the synthesis and expression of Alice’s passions: art, design, architecture and fashion. A perfect balance of charm and sobriety, fantasy and seduction. Far from any ostentation and excess.

Form, more than appearance. A second skin, soft and light as water. Delicate like a caress.

Light and apparently simple, they can easily turn into something different: the starting model give life to infinite combinations, suggested by the wearer’s flair and imagination. Perfect for day and night, when the stars in the sky succeed those in the sea. The additional value is that every swimsuit has never been worn before. You can choose your size from the samples and then bring home a unique and brand new one.

Ninali is another brand that you can find at Artisanal Cornucopia in Rome: Elif will be happy to show you the endless combinations of this little masterpiece.

Ninali: swimsuits to fall in love with

In ComoCurve Pericolose: shape your femininity

Federica and Giorgia Colombo

As is often the case, Curve Pericolose is an Italian brand incorporating the story of a family: this time it’s about two sisters, Federica and Giorgia Colombo.

Federica had a lot of practice in some of the most prestigious underwear companies, while Giorgia developed her business skills in the luxury furniture field. Together they realized that curvy women’s market was still poorly developed and these women’s tastes ignored in terms of looks and fashion trends.

So they gave birth to Curve Pericolose: a brand enhancing feminine curves with the best materials for a guaranteed shaping effect. Curve Pericolose produced its first collection in 2010, dedicating it to curvy women long before other famous brands. The beach line is very feminine, seductive and highly technical: different materials, cuts, and cups are chosen to offer the best possible fit.

Dedicated to women who love their body, these swimsuits emphasize beauty through their curves.

Where can you find them? Look for your nearest store HERE and make sure to follow us for the upcoming collections.

Curve Pericolose: shape your femininity