Lucia Ferrara’s free woman

Art Pop

Feminine figures braided and knotted by their hair, encased in their bodies, lost in their thoughts, trapped in gigantic canvases. Women seen as mothers, temptresses, seducers and incubators for new beginnings. They takes the reins of the world, they’re instruments for change, for the definition of beauty and the pursuit of a great spirituality.

LUCIA FERRARA was born in Piedmont in 1975. She blends her canvases with her personal turns, reflections and questions about life. Lucia didn’t become an artist: as she uses to say, she was born this way. When she was thirteen she started an existential path to search, grow and define herself through art.

"Lucia is a creative, feminine and unstoppable force"

Lucia Ferrara

Lucia Ferrara

Art Pop

Big size is a constant, while the hair is a metaphor of life and its intertwining; a symbol of the unconscious, dark forest inherent in every man. Nails, lips and eyes complete a message of perpetual seduction. They are red and bold, looking modern and passionate even in the most classic works.

It’s 2010 when LUCIA realizes that she needs a radical, existential change: she leaves her chrysalis and turns into a professional artist. In 2012 and 2013 she exhibits at the Agora Gallery in Chelsea, New York. Shortly after there’s Los Angeles, with the FortheStarsFashionHouse space on Melrose Ave, along with some Hollywood fashion designers. In the same year she joins the Cartelart International Artistic Group in London and works with internationally renowned artists. From 2012 she is represented by ArtHouse Art Gallery 429 in Miami, too.

Lucia is a creative, feminine and unstoppable force. Her works hit, blind and attract like a siren song. It’s impossible to resist to their bright colours, light contrasts and monumental shapes. At the same time Lucia remains an ironic and smiling woman, able to play with her audience producing a small collection of hand-painted SHOES and lovely HANDBAGS.

Brava Lucia!


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