Made in Italy Overcoats for Fall/Winter 2017-2018

The Overcoat is king in winter.

The Overcoat is king in winter – Made in Italy Overcoats for Fall/Winter 2017-2018

Originating as an evolution of the tailcoat of the 1700’s, it became the symbol of Romantic bourgeois fashion, and its development was tied to the history of famous people, military uniforms, everyday usage and the production of distinctive materials.

Overcoats Made in Italy: the symbol of Romantic bourgeois Fashion.

These days all respectable winter collections include a line of overcoats.

But which overcoats Made in Italy will be in trending for Fall/Winter 2017-2018?

We have selected for you 4 fantastic coat styles Made in Italy from the Fall/Winter 2017-2018 collections that evoke the history and elegance of Italian style. Buy them now and cherish them forever!

The romantic vision of Cettina Bucca: Made in Italy Overcoats for Fall/Winter 2017-2018

A luxury brand designed and made in Milazzo, Sicily

According to a Sicilian stylist very dear to me, Cettina Bucca, the overcoat is our most external covering, the last phase of getting dressed.

For this reason, it seems to her that it takes on a double significance.

On the one hand, it represents the outermost covering of our body, the garment that protects us from direct contact with others. On the other hand, it is the most visible element of our clothing, and a point of contact with the outside world. It demonstrates who we are more noticeably than our other articles of clothing, that instead are more personal and modest in their familiarity.

Her overcoat, ideal for the short and intimate winter days, is distinct, amply cut, colorful, surprisingly warm, and naturally made of thick pure wool.

Produced by the finest tailors, the finishing touches are sewn by hand. Cettina Bucca began as a made to measure fashion house, and every one of her pieces incorporates her professional knowledge, artisanal skill, and principles of sustainability. The overcoats are offered in felted wool, wool bouclé, wool/linen blend, and pure cotton velvet. The colors of the Fall/Winter 2017 2018 overcoat collection of Cettina Bucca are inspired by the warm tones of Mount Etna. Linings are in pure silk and feature prints from dresses in the collection.

We like her philosophy and love her designs.

Brava Cettiina!

See her website for direct contact information or to find the collection in a store near you. Prices vary from 350 to 800 euro.

The colors of the Fall/Winter overcoat collection of Cettina Bucca are inspired by the warm tones of Mount Etna.

Ninali Attitude Overcoats: Made in Italy Overcoats for Fall/Winter 2017-2018

In Turin, a designer that starts with quality.


Alice Grattapaglia, a founder of Ninali Attitude, always starts with the highest quality fabrics.

Alice doesn’t love down jackets (and neither do I), even if they are very practical, especially when hidden under an overcoat.

In the search to find an elegant substitute for down, Alice has created incredible coats with magnificent felted wool, an exquisite fabric that has a somewhat stretchy quality, ensuring maximum wearability.

The felted wool she uses is one of the best in Italy, and comes from a traditional and historic textile manufacturer, Lanificio Moessmer.

At the moment, there are three styles available. You can see here the Overcoats for Fall/Winter 2017-2018, or in our gallery.

And once again, well done Alice!

Cappotti Made in Italy Ninali Attitude: il lusso dei materiali di altissima qualità!

Made in Italy Overcoats for Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Ero Jacket

Who ever said that techno fabrics are only used in active wear?

The overcoats of Ero Jacket, although extremely Italian in design, and made according to artisan traditions, are the proof that technical, high performance materials can be used to make charming and feminine attire.

Ero Jacket is the result of research done by Lanificio Roma, a company that has been making quality Italian overcoats since 1950. Cuore di Panno and Tecno-Panno are the two signature fabrics they are most proud of.

The 1950’s are once again the inspiration of the new collection: rational and revolutionary, like the Italian style.

A great value for the price: a truly chic and low-cost overcoat. Also makes a great Christmas present.

You can find  Made in Italy Overcoats of Ero Jacket for Fall/Winter 2017-2018 in Rome at Charme Connection via Domenico Cassini 2/4/6/8

Made in Italy Overcoats of Ero Jacket for Fall/Winter 2017-2018

Made in Italy Overcoats for Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Betta Poidomani!

Attention to detail, silk and natural fibers.

Betta Poidomani: artisanship, attention to detail, silk and natural fibers. These one of a kind coats are a must have in every women’s closet.

With woven and printed fabrics produced in the historic manufacturing regions of Italy, a delicate shape and clean and natural silhouette, the overcoats of Betta Poidomani are timeless, elegant and never go out of style.

This winter’s collection favors warm colors of burgundy and gold, soft egg-like shapes, shawl collars or lapel collars for those of us who are not long limbed.

A cropped jacket that you can wear over a silk shirt or classic corduroy pants.

Her clients are those who dress for their own satisfaction, and who like to have fun with their clothes: Fashion that is not intended to seduce to but to enjoy.

Brava Betta!

Overcoat prices vary from € 300 to € 500 and you can find them in her atelier at Lungotevere Thaon Di Revel 98, Int. 2, and on her website.

Overcoats Made in Italy: The feminine and timeless overcoat of Betta Poidomani!