Marcella Mannino:Matter is colour

Art is her passion

Sicily has its own colours and flavours, made of sun, sea, people and beautiful 18th century villas.

MARCELLA MANNINO works on different kinds of materials, mixing pictorial and graphic media such as crayons, oil, acrylic and enamel paints.

Marcella experiments with polymateric art, painting on canvas, wood, terracotta, clay sculptures and, sometimes, through the use of newspapers and fabrics.

"Marcella Mannino, art is her passion, her muse"

Matter is colour

Marcella Mannino

Made in Italy

Marcella is a DOC – denomination controlled – Sicilian. After a college degree in applied art, with specialization in pictorial decoration and silkscreening, and a bachelor degree in architecture in Palermo, she has intensified her art history studies and researches in parallel with her career.

Art is her passion, her muse. Her creations focus on a static vs dynamic relationship, in search of a difficult balance. Art becomes an oxymoron, the expression of a dissonant harmony.

Aphid figures sink into some loud, dragging vortexes, like fluid and overwhelming reels which transfigure them. Fishes gasp but look strong and threatening at the same time, erupting fire and lava. An irregular mesh, made of the same material as the shapes it contains, traps everything.

Matter is COLOUR. Colour is substance, mass, a tangible reality; layered in several rich and dense coats, it overlaps with itself (or with newspapers and fabric shreds), defining a world crossed by emotional disturbances (pinwheels, vortexes, abysses) and disciplined by rational systems (lines, plots, patterns).

Each figure is an integral part of the system, breaking and rebuilding it at the same time. It’s the vicious circle of life.

Joy of living and existential anguish face and confront like in reality.

Brava Marcella!

P.S. Marcella is waiting for you in her atelier, FUORI PIOMBO, in Palermo, Piazza Aragona 9. Otherwise, you can write her here:

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