Maria Candida Gentile: Elephant & Roses

Made in Italy

May, the month of roses: Elephant & Roses

This is a fragrance for all those who love the freshness of rose and jasmine blending with vetiver, sandalwood and animals accords. Predominantly feminine.

Maria Candida Gentile is the most appreciated Italian nose for personal and ambient fragrances, thanks to her extraordinary ability to interpret and translate people and places’ features into specific scents.

Last May she was invited to Los Angeles at the prestigious Golden Pear, Art and Olfaction, being nominated for her creation ELEPHANT & ROSES.

"This is a fragrance for all those who love the freshness"

Eau de parfum

Maria Candida Gentile describes it in these terms: “One evening I was sitting at my desk, practicing to recreate the elephant smell. While I was writing the perfume formula, I had a sort of vision, which connected the elephant image and smell to a large expanse of bright pink roses. I saw elephants running on the field and trampling the flowers.

In this way they were spreading in the air a mixed scent of roses and strong notes coming from their bodies. Slowly, while I was weighting the formula, smelling and testing it on my body, it became the right one. I used Turkish and English roses, mixed them with the animal formula, followed the “drawer composition” technique and then added a skin accord: mine”.

Top notes: thyme, custus and osmanthus
Heart notes: rose, jasmine and ambergris
Base notes: Java vetiver, sandalwood and animal accord


Mariangela Romoli