Maria Laura Berlinguer

About me

I was born in Sardinia and I still carry with me the scent of helix and myrtle, the colour of Stintino’s sea and the island’s starry nights. Now I live in Rome.

I like looking around, I’m a curious person, I read a lot. When I turned fifty, I felt like I had to move forward. I quitted a safe job, followed my instinct and created a blog, the old Chic&LowCost.

It was a radical change.

It wasn’t easy. It’s never easy to change.

"Time is inexorable with everything, except with ideas."

my world!

Do you create wonderful clothes or jewels? Do you have a beautiful house to show us for sale? Or rent?

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What do I do?

The British call it “scouting”. We have a nicer Italian word: “scoprire”.

I discover and promote Italian stylish and quality products: artisanal shoes, tailor-made suits, unique furniture, and Italian design. is the reflection of my life and enduring desire to be surrounded by beautiful things, harmoniously mixing high-value items with equally wonderful and never trivial low-cost ones.

We are in Italy: elegance belongs to our heritage.

To do it, I explore our country in search of talented people. That’s how I discover women and men challenging the industrial homogenization and repetitiveness through their work. People producing unique and original pieces with Italian skills and passion. Entrepreneurs bravely fighting for their ideas, convictions, and dreams. Of all ages. In short, I discover the Made in Italy.

Follow me on Maria Laura Berlinguer if you want to wear artisanal shoes created by two young craftswomen, sculptural jewels and tailor-made suits realized just for you. Follow me if you want to add to your place an armchair lined with precious Italian velvet. Follow me if you want to find the most beautiful residences in the country, the amazing Italian Houses.


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Impossibile copiare gli oggetti.

Italian Houses?

For a holiday or forever.

Let’s face it: our houses are special. For us Italians a house is forever, at least in our heart.

Thanks to Babline Carusone and Silvia Zamarion, two excellence in the real estate selection and renovation, you may discover and get the most beautiful places in Italy.

Antique and aristocratic mansions, small houses shining like jewels on the rooftops of our art cities, beautiful villas in the Italian countryside.

Follow us to sip an excellent wine while you admire the swans gliding on a lake; follow us to dream while you look at a sailboat on the open water; follow us to rest under a lemon tree while you listen to the cicadas songs.

This is the kind of setting we want for our stylish houses, mansions and villas, which may be yours for a holiday or forever.